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Are you an Infusionsoft User, or a digital marketer looking to expand your offerings? If so, you might be interested in becoming an ICP! Infusionsoft Certified Partner Training is coming to Toronto! For the first time, this training will be delivered in Canada.

The Details:

  • When? Feb 1- 4 2016 9:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Exam takes place on day 4. This exam is half multiple choice, half campaign builder scenarios.  It  requires 70% to achieve Certification.
  • Where? In person attendance is at Training Business Pros Livestream Training Studios 25 Lesmill Road Unit D. Toronto M3B 2T3
    Online/Livestream Attendance: Via Livestream (from anywhere around the world)
  • Skill Set Required: Preferred CRM experience, Advanced knowledge of Infusionsoft Application, Sales, Marketing and/or Agency background.
  • How To Prepare:
    • Bring your own laptop. *Hint…bring a mouse and mousepad!! Make sure your laptop is free of any known issues that may interfere with your exam.
    • Snacks provided. Lunch is not provided.
    • Pre-Training Material: approximately 30 hours
    • Infusionsoft “Sandbox” application will be provided

Registration: $2000 USD, but the Ontario Job Grant does cover this training: Want to see if you qualify? 
Lead Trainers: Infusionsoft Headquarters in are sending 2 Lead Trainers and 1 Senior Staff Member.
*CC trainees from the Training Business Pros tribe will have 1 Day additional sales training and will be trained by CEO, Paul Tobey on Feb 5th

Why Take Part in Infusionsoft Certified Partner Training?

ICP designation offers you the ability to become an Infusionsoft reseller. Adding this to your existing portfolio of services can dramatically increase your agency’s earning power. You can bundle your services, package offers, build out sales funnels and tag all your other marketing services.
If you are an employee taking ICP training to help your employer master Infusionsoft, this training will help you garner some serious market value. These skills you are about to learn will help you add tremendous value to the company. There are less than 20 ICP’s in Canada right now, which makes you a very valuable resource in this eco-system. Just become the best you can possibly be at Implementing and Integrating Infusionsoft into the company’s systems and processes. Be the hero and watch the organic growth of your career path!
The Infusionsoft Certified Partner training is essential to your success if you plan to become an implementer of Lifecycle Marketing AND/OR sell the Infusionsoft application.

What the Infusionsoft Certified Partner Training Covers Covers:

  • Lifecycle Marketing: How to use the Infusionsoft application (best practices)
  • Business Basics
  • How to sell the Infusionsoft application and your services
  • Infusionsoft Kickstart (how to onboard new clients)
  • Words of Wisdom – from successful ICP’s. The Words of Wisdom session is intended for the class to hear from other ICP’s. We have a lot of requests from folks in training wanting to hear from partners who are successfully running an ICP business. Topics include: positioning, verticals, retainer vs hourly, contracts, hiring employees, the fb community, etc

Added for the Canadian contingency:

  • Unique training content we were able to add to the live training:
  • Infusionsoft compared to competitors
  • Dashboard (How to build an executive dashboard for your clients)
  • Tagging and tracking
  • Extensive review of homework campaigns
  • E-commerce (how to sync and trigger automation after a purchase)
  • Strategic planning session – webform vs internal and link click or tag goals

Book a 15 minute consult to see if you qualify!

What else is covered?

Learn how to use Lifecycle Marketing strategies and build automated selling campaigns. You will learn the core values of Infusionsoft, more about their mission “to help small business succeed” and how you will become a high value part of this eco-system. It’s a very exciting journey!

Mix and Mingle:

You will meet other ICP’s, ICC’s and Training Business Pros executive staff. This becomes your support network when you get stuck and need friendly help. It’s essential, because everybody has different talents and strengths. You’ll want to keep this network close. We’ll also give you access to ICP closed group, open user groups, supporting networks, freelance sites, etc.
If you fail, you can try it again, Live or via online. A $500 USD fee is required to retake the course and the exam. (sorry, no shortcuts on this one). Your advantage here, is that TBP will help you pass. Every night we will offer you extra support in our study group. We’ll go through sample scenerios, help you with multiple choice examples, and do our best to help you pass.
We also recommend you go to ICON => Infusionsoft’s annual conference. It rocks. There is tons of learning, great networking and some exciting take-aways. Tickets are available now. Tip * buy them early and get big discounts. Let us know you’ll be there, and we’ll throw in FREE tickets to the Canadian party at ICON!

What else do you need to know?

The Canada Job Grant may cover much of your training. Many people who take the Infusionsoft Certified Partner training, they also take our Online Profit Secrets course, or take advantage of our Digital Marketing and Sales Certification. The government will cover up to 10K per employee in training expenses. In some cases, the grant will cover up to 83.3% of all of your training expenses. These grants exist in most provinces across the country. If you wish to learn more, push here now
Book a 15 minute consult to see if you qualify!

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