The Video Process

The Video Content Creation and Video Marketing Training helps companies build their online audience with Youtube so you can turn raving fans into loyal customers. Youtube can be a very effective traffic generation strategy when properly utilized, even better than traditional SEO strategies.

This training is done over 90-days with one-on-one Zoom presentations that are recorded for review. In addition to the training, there are assignments given which will be reviewed by the trainer in a one-hour webinar each week.

The trainer will work with your employees to ensure that they learn, understand, and implement complex video marketing strategies for Youtube which include but is not limited to:

  • How to do keyword research to determine what the audience is asking for in terms of content and what is the level of competition on Youtube for it.
  • The context of what makes engaging videos and how to put video content together.
  • How to create content hooks that capture the listener’s attention and keep them watching as much of the video as possible.
  • How to redirect the listener to your website where, with a powerful lead magnet, you can capture their contact data and use your CRM to follow up.
  • How to write engaging copy to help convert your fans into buying customers.
  • The filming process includes cameras, lighting, and sound.
  • How to properly organize multiple clips to make the editing process easier.
  • How to edit video using the Adobe Suite of tools including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Adobe Media Encoder.
  • How to properly upload and optimize content for Youtube so that your video shows well in Youtube search results and on Google.
  • How to create video thumbnails that work which can help drive more video views.
  • How to read important Youtube analytics to analyze what’s working and what’s not working. 
  • How to manage your production schedule so you can work efficiently.
  • How to evaluate your ROI.

While some businesses may have some experience with building a Youtube channel, experience tells us that most do not understand how to build a successful channel. This Certification will allow you to fully understand the Youtube Algorithm, monetize your channel and use your audience to increase sales. The first step is growing video views and subscribers. Let’s Get Started!

Company Outcomes

Your company can build a powerful Youtube channel with thousands of video views a month and thousands of loyal subscribers.  The goal of this training is to leverage Youtube’s massive audience to grow your own channel and find new customers for your products and services.

By the end of this training you will:

Who Is This Video Course For?

The Video Content Creation and Video Marketing Training is for companies who want to find new audiences for their products and services.  The video content that you will learn how to create in this training, will help you not only build a successful Youtube channel but will allow the presenter to create a loyal fan base of subscribers who will trust and respect your subject-matter experience.

In essence, you will become a social media influencer by becoming a subject-matter expert through video!

What To Expect

Adoption: On the 90th day, your team needs to regroup for an additional half day at the company’s  location to review implementation.


$12,000 per Team Member

Travel, Accommodations and Expenses incurred must be paid by Employer.
All training material, exams, and certification Included.
Costs incurred due to assignments are the responsibility of the employer. I.e. software, cameras, licences, materials etc.

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