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Whatever you want to do, be or have in your life, that you don’t have right now, we can quite possibly help you with that.

Medical Professionals

We design and build advanced digital marketing and automated CRM systems that produce results.


When you want more leads and appointments, we're experts at helping financial companies succeed.

Marketing Agencies

We've been in the marketing agency business for many years and have helped other agencies scale up.


We market our own popular software and help other Software companies reach their optimum target market.

Why You Can Trust TBP, Our Values

We’ve gathered a team of devoted experts with rich experience in digital marketing, business systems, marketing automation and how to properly scale up company. We put a great emphasis on marketing, because in today’s highly-competitive environment, companies require assistance in navigating the complexities of online marketing. 

Our experience allows us to be confident and stand by our words.

Our company was established in 2004. We started as a training company and have since expanded to become a reputable digital marketing firm as well as expert executive consultants. We have proved our competence and had many satisfied clients. 

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Corporate Training

When it comes to training employees successfully there are 2 required elements.  1. Content, and 2. Context.

Content & information alone does not help someone learn. In fact, if the information is delivered through lecturing, the retention rate for the trainee tends to be very small.  Context means: It’s not what you say but how you present it that matters. 

Our training is interactive, engaging and enjoyable.  Whether our trainees are in our facility or online via livestream or Zoom meeting, we’ll not only get the point across, we’ll make sure that the information sticks.

We have real-world experience in these training topics: leadership, communication skills, change management, digital marketing, employee engagement, sales, setting up productive remote work environments, video content creation, public speaking, Inside Advantage and more!

Digital Marketing Services

These days, digital marketing is a critical part of every company’s marketing plan. Yet, despite this fact, the online world is extremely competitive and frankly most so-called digital marketing experts simply fail to live up to their promises.

We’re different because we produce results. And, we are specialists in these market verticals: 

  • Medical Professionals and Healthcare
  • Financial Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • SAAS Companies

Whether you need more qualified leads, marketing automation to follow up with those leads or you simply want to reach your target market, we’ve got you covered.

Here are just some of the things we’re really good at: SEO, SEM, lead-capture, UXO (user experience optimization), CRM automation, Facebook Lead Ads, retargeting, email automation, content development, hypnotic copy writing and more!

Consulting Services

If your business is struggling in the ares of marketing, sales, cash flow, system & processes, then it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion on how to fix it.  But the good news is; we don’t just give opinions, we bring real-world experience to the table.

Our executive consulting process encompasses 3-key tactics:  1. Step-by-Step Solutions 2. World Class Support  3. Performance & Mindset Coaching.

Our executive consulting portfolio of clients is extensive, but we only take on a small and exclusive number of clients at one time and our consulting services are engaged on a month-to-month basis.  

Most clients engage us to create successful marketing and sales programs so they can expand their revenue opportunities and scale up their businesses.

John Higgins, CEO
As I considered enrolling in the program with Paul and Nancy and their team at Training Business Pros, it felt very expensive and I was extremely skeptical. During the program we created a beautiful and highly effective new website and had it functioning almost immediately. Our online presence was greatly enhanced and we now constantly get favorable comments. With that success in mind, we also took part the Inside Advantage program and are now planning another. I would enthusiastically recommend Paul Tobey and Training Business Pros.
Higgins Event Rentals
Toronto, Canada
Dr. Amir Rouzati
Training Business Pros helped transform our Lead Capture system to make it extremely efficient, and profitable. They delivery on their word, and their years of experience, makes it easy for them to focus on the right solution, rather than expend resources chasing down the wrong path. Our business wouldn't be what it is , without strategy and implementation help from Training Business Pros.
Thornhill, Canada
Glen Zacher
Paul and Nancy operate a top notch business and are very particular with the smallest details and they understand business owners. They are the very best and I would recommend them to anyone who is considering their services. i have had several past experiences with other companies doing similar work that just could not follow through on their game plan with little results and wasted investment dollars. Training Business Pros gets the job done right! I am currently working with Paul on an ongoing basis to support our marketing needs. It’s been a pleasure.
McGuire Financial
Edmonton, Canada
Dr. David Alan Gardner
It has been my pleasure and my privilege to work with the team at Training Business Pros in every aspect of marketing my Dental practice and much more. From my very first meetings with Paul Tobey it was clear that their entire team was knowledgeable, caring, experienced and committed to helping me find a path to making my goals for my business come to reality. TBP knows how to do it all: drawing together a concrete plan, finding and creating the resources needed, experience with media, SEO, and everything else that we all need to market a business for success. I now consider TBP to be an essential part of the team that I need and that I will continue to draw on to ensure my ongoing success in this competitive world of marketing and customer acquisition/retention. I was told early on that they would do “whatever it takes” and commit fully to my vision and my success, and they truly did! The decision to work with TBP has been one of the best of my 40 year career! Thank you Training Business Pros!
Gardner Dental Centre
Toronto, Canada

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