Our Core Marketing Strategy

When a client engages us for marketing services, the first thing we do with our clients is the Inside Advantage process.  It’s a step-by-step process that we work on together with company leaders to determine their  uncommon offering and how we will spread their messaging across specific marketing channels to zero in on your high priority targets.

The Inside Advantage process is: WHO, WHAT, HOW and OWN IT.  When complete, it will reveal powerful messages that are capable of reaching your target market in sufficient quantities to spur profitable growth.

Then we will take your key marketing messages and refine them to fit the different marketing channels including: Google search, online display networks, print, trade shows, events, webinars, radio, television, grass roots etc.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing.  It is important to stick with the process at least for 3 months to be able to optimize your marketing spend.

Our Exclusive SEO Program

The world of search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the years.  At one time, all you had to do to get a good Google ranking was to put your keyword phrases into the web page in strategic places and get a few incoming links to that page. But all that has changed.

Since everyone and their dog wants a good Google search ranking it has become extremely competitive and much harder to rank than every before, especially in highly competitive markets like insurance, finance, law and even retail.

You’re probably wondering if it’s still possible? Yes!  But it’s a whole new strategy that needs to be employed and it’s not a walk in the park.  If played well, however, the long term pay off is extraordinary. For example, a #1 search listing on Google on average gets 27% of all search traffic.  So, it’s no wonder that companies and individuals and vying for these coveted results.

These days, the Google algorithm is more about user experience optimization than search engine optimization.  The old keyword factors still apply but now it’s about how the user experiences the website after they click the Google search result.  The Google algo tracks you onto the site and tests your engagement and interaction rates. 

SEO is not by any means an easy thing to do.  However, rather than just tell you we’re good at it, let’s give you some actual results that we’ve created for our clients.

Our Client's Company Name

Keyword Phrase

Targeted Search Area

Click link to see result.

Avg Google Search Result

concussion test online

All of Canada

#1 or 2

free concussion test online

All of Canada

#1 or 2

licensed insolvency trustee toronto


#3 Gov't is #1, #2 Trustee is listed on the page

event rentals

Toronto & GTA

#1 or #2

toronto country club

All of Canada


golf and country club

Toronto & GTA


As you can see by the above examples, and there are many more, we’re not just good at it, we’re among the very best and you can take that directly to the bank. You should know that our SEO strategy does not confine to the traditional norms that most marketing agencies still follow.  But the fact that it works, speaks volumes.

Website Design and User Experience

We build websites exclusively using WordPress.  This gives us endless access to modern design capabilities, templates and page builders that outpace any custom coding projects by a mile and a half.

There is always talk in the industry about the security of WordPress sites and we take that very seriously.  That’s why we use the latest in firewall protection and host our clients on our own virtual privater server.

Site load speed is of utmost importance to us and we test and re-test until we’re satisfied that you site loads on multiple platforms as fast as possible.

Our approach to design intertwined with user experience.  Our main goal is to get the user to interact with the site, and as quick as possible, get them to take the appropriate action we want them to take such as: pick up the phone, send an email, fill out a web form or buy something.

If we were to take on a new site design for you, we would be extremely careful not to interfere with current site traffic and in most cases we would enhance your traffic significantly.

CRM Automation

The most money that can be generated by a website is created by a mailing list.  The more people on the list and the more we know about them, the higher the conversions.

Whether we use Infusionsoft or Groundhogg, our experience in creating more leads and converting those leads into sales and/or appointments is our primary concern. A CRM is not just about sending emails.  it’s about sending text messages, emails and liaising with sales teams based on strategic actions that the client takes. 

It’s like the

  scenario.  And we’re good at it.  We’ve been doing it so long we can actually export an existing marketing automation funnel from one of our client sites right into yours and then configure it to work with your audience. Why not do what’s already working?

If you’re new to CRM automation  then you owe if to yourself and your company to check out what we can do.

PPC Management

Not all sites, especially new ones will generate enough SEO and social media traffic to be profitable. Therefore we always work closing with our clients to develop pay-per-click (PPC) programs that work for them.

We’re experts in: Google Search & Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Leads Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, re-marketing, Youtube video ads and more. 

Our main priority is to get quality targeted least for the least amount of investment possible.  And, because our ad management program is month to month, you can always turn it on and off when you feel you’ve got enough business.

Video Content Creation

These days, video is all the rage.  We encourage our clients to make video content that can help them create interest and penetrate new markets.

Our video and livestream facility is state-of-the-art and we can produce some amazing content for our clients.  The types of video content that we create can be used on: webpages, Youtube, social media, Facebook Ads, webinars, trade shows, television, livestream presentations and pretty much anywhere that video is used.

We’ll craft engaging content, produce it and edit it with music to make sure that you can be proud of the professionalism and your clients can be wowed by your initiative.