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We Don’t Just Give Information – We Create Transformation

If your business is struggling in the areas of marketing, sales, cash flow, system & processes, then it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion on how to fix it.  But the good news is; we don’t give opinions, we bring real-world experience to the table.

Our executive consulting process encompasses 3-key tactics which we call: The Triangle of Transformation

  1. Step-by-Step Solutions – We are experts in solving business problems not by giving information, but by providing proven solutions, systems, and processes. Here are just some of the areas that we can help: marketing, digital marketing, sales & pipeline automation, fulfillment, HR, cash flow, vision, presentation skills, inside advantage, IT & software.
  2. Word Class Support – Our dedicated team of professionals can provide the support that you’ll need to launch any new project. Whether that’s IT, software creation, web programming, CRM automation, online advertising, digital presentations, video, Livestream, design and multi-media, business copy-writing, and more!
  3. Mindset Coaching – Brian Klemmer said, “If How To’s Were Enough, We’d All Be Skinny, Rich & Happy.” Whatever problem you have, you’ll need to approach it with different performance behaviors and mindset. It’s no accident that some people attract success and others do not. We can help you learn the self-discipline you need to finally succeed.


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Paul Tobey

To build a successful business, or a strong department within a business, takes self-discipline on behalf of its leaders and its team members.  So you’d think that after practicing the piano for 30 years, performing in 17 different countries and getting nominated for JUNO Awards, that I should display a level of self-discipline that most people would aspire to.  But despite the fact that I do have tremendous self-discipline, for most of my adult life, success eluded me. In fact I even managed to go completely broke at the age of 41 and ended up moving into my parents spare bedroom with my family.

My career as a professional concert jazz pianist was over. I can’t even being to tell you how painful it is to work your entire life towards something and within a year it all just completely falls apart.

But amazingly, during this dark period in my life, through books, self-growth seminars and dedicated mentors, I finally realized that no matter how much self-discipline I had, I would never be successful until I learned essential rules that no one had ever taught me.  I had been given the wrong rule book.

With a little help, I began to learn some pretty cool new rules.  I used them to change my thoughts, which led to different actions, which led to different results. I even walked 1,000 km across Spain on the Camino de Santiago to challenge this new belief system and it most certainly challenged me on every level.

14 years have passed since first walking the Camino and I can proudly state that my life today is completely different. Better.  Amazing actually. Prosperous. So, what was the turning point? What did I learn that everyone should know but doesn’t? Why are some people creating success relatively easily and others struggle to keep their head above water? Why do some businesses grow and others stagnate and die?

The essential rules that I’ve learned and practice everyday are critical to achieving success.  I always impress upon my clients the importance of adopting them into their lives and businesses.  Here’s a shortlist of the top 10 rules and beliefs that have helped me and others get to where we are:

  • What you focus on expands.
  • You must enjoy what you do.
  • In order to create a result, you must repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • Help enough people get what they want first, and you can have anything you want.
  • It’s only a mistake if you make it twice.
  • Be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all.
  • Sweat the details and make no excuses.
  • Be generous with your time and your money.
  • Figure out your uncommon offering and own it.
  • Experience comes first.

These rules will work for anyone who chooses to practice them.  In my coaching and consulting business I always impress upon my clients the importance of following the rules.  I help business owners and entire companies big and small do this in 3 ways: step-by-step solutions, world-class support, performance and mindset coaching.  I call it the “Triangle of Transformation.”

It won’t cost you anything to schedule a conversation with me. During our call, I will help you map out a 5-year plan for your business and I will give you a clear outline of the value that I and my organization can bring to help you scale up on purpose. And we’ll have fun doing it, or its not worth doing.

Paul Tobey


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