Inside Advantage

The Inside Advantage Certification helps company employees scale their businesses to the next level. It is a 90-day process that starts with a two and a half day intensive business and leadership development masterclass. Then over the remaining days there will be a series of assignments that will take  the candidates approximately 3 hours per week to complete. The assignments will be reviewed by the trainer in a one-hour webinar each week.

The Training Business Pros executive team will work with your team to verbalize your corporate vision, actualize and verbalize your company’s purpose, design a time sensitive mission along with key performance indicators and put a voice to your core values so your entire team stays on mission as you scale up.

While most small businesses have already learned to distribute responsibilities, the barriers of growth remain.  We identify those barriers and help the leadership with the “tools for scaling up”.

When all of the key players have a clear shared vision, it resonates through the entire company and becomes the biggest motivation for your employees to stay focused and enthusiastic about the mission.

Company Outcomes

You too, as a leader, can achieve scalable growth in a purposeful way. The goal of the  Inside Advantage process is to help leaders create their vision, give a voice to that vision and to commit to the mission. Once your entire team buys into the vision that you’ve co-created with them it will be much easier to scale up and focus on growth.

Who Is The Inside Advantage For?

The Inside Advantage executive training is for employers who want to take their executive team to the next level. You are ready to grow, develop high-performing teams, and plan for the future.

In order to qualify for the Inside Advantage Masterclass, you must have annual revenue of at least $1,000,000 (or quickly approaching $1M) with a minimum of 5 employees.

What To Expect

Adoption: On the 90th day, your team needs to regroup for an additional half day at the company’s  location to review implementation.


$12,500 per Team Member

Travel, Accommodations and Expenses incurred must be paid by Employer.
All training material, exams, and certification Included.
Costs incurred due to assignments are the responsibility of the employer. I.e. design, layout, printing, corporate policy, binders, etc.

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