Consulting Training

This one-of-a-kind Consulting Training helps companies build their consulting businesses by learning advanced digital marketing strategies and client conversion models. It also helps them re-define their consulting process in order to guide their clients to the best possible results.

This training is done over 90-days with one-on-one Zoom presentations that are recorded for review. In addition to the training, there are assignments given which will be reviewed by the trainer in a one-hour webinar each week.

The trainer will work with your team to ensure that they learn, understand, and implement digital marketing strategies and core processes which includes but is not limited to:


  • Advanced marketing and traffic generation strategies such as SEO, SEM, social media, Youtube, radio and other traditional marketing.
  • How to create effective landing pages for different consulting programs including: hypnotic copywriting, design, context over content, lead-form building and more.
  • How to set up your self-hosted automated CRM.  Capturing a lead is one thing, converting that lead into a meeting is another.  You’ll learn how to leverage CRM automation to follow-up based on client triggers.  Never let another lead slip through the cracks.


  • How to push the prospect to a virtual meeting, conduct that initial consultation with the proper context, then close the deal on the spot.
  • How to set your pricing using 4 different pricing models. The goal in this part of the training is to use our extensive consulting experience to maximize the amount that you can charge a client so that you can become more profitable.
  • How to follow up using fulfillment CRM automation post consult.  Not everyone will buy on the spot, so it’s important to stay in front of the client for as long as you need to, so they can make a decision in your favour.


  • Information does not solve your clients’ problems.  In order to better serve your clients, you’ll need to implement the “Triangle of Transformation” business model.
  • What is the context of your consulting service.  We’ll work with you to determine how much time you should be spending on client accounts, how to create proper reporting, and how to provide ongoing support.

While some businesses may have some experience with consulting, experience tells us that most do not understand how to build a successful consulting business. This training will get you there in a matter of months.

Company Outcomes

You can build a powerful consulting company and create raving fans.  The goal of this training is to get you more clients and help you deliver on your promises to those clients.

By the end of this training you will:

Who Is This Training For?

The Consulting Training is for companies who want to find new audiences for their consulting services and better deliver on their consulting promises.  It works for all types of consulting companies and all business verticals. The content and context that you will learn in this training, will help you in the areas of marketing, sales, and fulfillment.

What To Expect


$12,500 per Team Member

Travel, Accommodations, and Expenses incurred must be paid by the Employer.
All training materials, exams, and certification Included.
Costs incurred due to assignments are the responsibility of the employer. I.e. design, layout, printing, corporate policy, binders, etc.

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