Social Media Questionnaire

The following is a questionnaire which I asked my students in a recent social media course after we were three quarters of the way through the course.

If you have been thinking of taking the social media course and cannot answer these questions perfectly then that means there is some information that you simply don’t know yet?

The questions here do not represent all of the content of the social media course which tells you that if you can’t answer these questions perfectly there is probably many other things that you will need to know to succeed using social media in the 21st century.

Enjoy the questionnaire;

Social Media Questionnaire

1. Name all six key elements of a profitable landing zone and the seventh one which could push your conversion strategy over the top.
2. Create a four section 360° pie chart and create for each section words which describe your overall marketing strategy.
3. Name five key elements of an award-winning and highly effective hypnotic headline.
4. Google creates search engine results pages based on what 2  key factors?
5. Name and describe one way to get anchor text back links to your website.
6. In what 4 areas of a webpage does Google looks for the keyword phrase?
7. Write out anchor text code for one keyword phrase and the destination webpage without looking at your notes.
8. In addition to how to do something what must you add to that to get a significant result.
9. What is the rule that you must follow before posting anything (videos, webpages, blog posts ) on the Internet.
10. What three things should you include in your ping.FM and TweetDeck posts and how long should those posts be?


The answers to these questions and more can be found here. Paul Tobey’s Millionaire Marketer Workshop

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