How to Create An Email for Your Opt-In Subscription List

One of the best ways to create a targeted database of opt-in subscribers is to put an opt-in subscription form on your website and in exchange for some valuable information you collect the customer’s e-mail address.

It’s confusing to some people as to what to offer in exchange for an e-mail address. If all you ever say is something like “join my mailing list”, that is not nearly enough to convince someone to part with their personal information.

What I like to do is create e-mails that deliver value. For example, I will create a series of autoresponder e-mails that describe and give “how-to” information about a specific targeted topic.

The following is a sample e-mail that I created for the first chapter of an e-book entitled “the top six best Internet marketing strategies for 2011.”


Thank you for your interest in my top six best E-marketing strategies for 2011. In the next little while, I’ll be sending you a series of e-mails describing what you need to do to market your business more effectively, more efficiently, and save you some time and money and stay a little bit ahead of your closest competition.

Today’s chapter is all about targeted keyword research. In other words how to find keyword phrases to use with your website that will be found on the largest search engine on planet Earth, Google.


Paul Tobey

CEO, Training Business Pros

Chapter 1 – The Answer To Google’s Algorithm

In my experience the biggest mistake that I see businesses and entrepreneurs make when it comes to Internet marketing is; they build webpages, videos, blog posts, and entire websites without ever doing targeted keyword research.

What is that anyway?

In essence, target keyword research is researching keyword phrases that match what you do and finding the most searched and least competitive keyword phrases to use in your content.

There is really only one way to do this. Please don’t listen to your colleagues and well-meaning family and friends if they don’t have any experience in this area. Very often people think they know but, the reality is in most cases they don’t. In fact many people refer to Google Adwords as the best place to do keyword research. In my experience it is not nearly the best place to do keyword research.

What is?

Market Samurai.

Market Samurai is not only a low-cost and highly effective way to do targeted keyword research it does things that no other software on planet Earth will do.

The first thing it does is; it goes right into Google’s Ads database and pulls out information quickly and effectively and allows you to sort that information in terms of the number of searches, the number of competitive websites, and even lets you choose things like phrase-to-broad and if you don’t know what that is you might want to research what that is and why it matters.

However, the most valuable aspect of Market Samurai is that it will drill down on a specific keyword phrase and tell you who is currently on the front page of Google, whether that’s, or Google.whatever country you want. And it will tell you what did those top 10 websites do to get on the front page and what didn’t they do so that you can do a little bit better than the things that those websites don’t even know about.

For example, did you know that Google ranks webpages based on two things: on-site optimization and off-site optimization?

Market Samurai tackles both of these things with ease and it does it in under 5 min. All you need to know is exactly how to do that and that you can learn by clicking here.

Tomorrow’s chapter talks about what do we do with these keyword phrases that we’ve done research on, where do we put them on our website, where we put them in our videos, and how can we utilize some very powerful on-site optimization strategies to be found on Google, indexed on Google, and get a very high search ranking within a short period of time. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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