Learning Management Systems

How to effectively use high-powered learning management systems to grow your business

one of the greatest tools that companies have is their ability to share information with others. There are number of ways to do this but the biggest challenge is not only finding people with the knowledge and experience to share but also understanding context and how to deliver those learning systems to other people.

Here are the top three learning management systems that I use in my business;

  1. Webinar it webinars are the sleeper secret of 2012. Most people would use something like PowerPoint to deliver webinar that is the most unbelievably boring thing you could possibly do areas for example if you are at the annual HRP a conference how many people and presenters used webinars used PowerPoint in their presentations. The problem with PowerPoint is it actually shows people what your essay before you say and if they’re done reading before you say it there completely tuned out from that point on so my recommendation is you figure out a system to deliver the information first by the number one rule people’s minds which is; ask a lot of questions.

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