Hypnotic Writing for Success

The goal of hypnotic writing is to create in the audience a focused mental state to motivate them to act.  The basic elements are a compelling headline that directly names your audience, creates curiosity, informs them and engages their emotions.  Use hypnotic connectors to overcome psychological filters such as; words that emote feelings and energy.  To name a few; essential, exclusive, revolutionary, must-have, because.

  • People think in pictures.  If you can try to graphically represent your ideas in flow charts, videos and images.  Keep the focus on them by avoiding the words I, we, our and in place of that use you, your, them.
  • Color is important for your headline, if you are directing your audience towards woman then the color of choice is Red.  The color of choice for a male audience is Blue and if you are directing a mixed audience then the universal color is Black.
  • Create Energy and urgency in the text by using words like; immediate, hurry, now, action-packed, expeditious.
  • State the benefits.
  • Paint the picture of how it works in the person’s mind.
  • Use the word “Yes!” and positive affirmations.
  • Stories are an amazing tool to use and be greatly effective – stories are memorable.  Use Hypnotic Writing stories to leave a lasting impression.
  • Testimonials provide credibility – the best testimonial will always come from a credible, recognized source.

The golden rule stated by Paul Tobey for Hypnotic Writing is to never make your claim bigger than your proof.  This is just a brief outline of some points used in Hypnotic Writing.

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