How To Style Infusionsoft Web Forms Part 2 – Check Out This Awesome Shortcut

I recently wrote a blog post about how to style Infusionsoft forms with HTML & CSS so you could replace the ugly JavaScript snippet with good a good looking Infusionsoft web form. However, the overarching comments and feedback that we received are that people and business owners could not take the time to go and learn the skills they needed in order to do it themselves. Time is money, and you don’t necessarily have the time to learn CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
But obviously sticking with the ugly regular non-responsive Infusionsoft web forms brings some pain to any person with an eye for design who lays their eyes upon them. So what’s the solution?

Well, here it is!

Now available in the WordPress repository for NO COST is a plugin called FormLift.  It’s specifically designed for Infusionsoft and automatically styles your Infusionsoft web forms to conform to the design of your site.
There is so much customization you can play with the settings all day to get the look and feel just right for you.

Here are some of the cool things the free version does.

  • Adds client side form validation to all web forms
  • Advanced custom form styling
  • Conversion rate tracking
  • Datepicker for date formatted custom fields with advanced settings
  • Import forms to WordPress via API
  • Guaranteed no API downtime.
  • Form’s auto-populate with client data
  • Create personalized pages with easy to use short codes.
  • and more…

To check out the full list of awesome features check out the plugin here!
We run FormLift for all our Infusionsoft web forms on our site, and for our clients because of it’s extensive premium functionality and guaranteed less than 5 minute setup time.  To see all of the cool premium features of FormLift (that’s right there’s more!) head over to the FormLift homepage!
If you’d like to do it the hard way, you can always read the article on how to do the whole process manually.


  1. Michael

    Does this plugin work for the webforms built inside infusionsoft’s mobile responsive landing pages?
    i.e. Can I paste in the HTML for the Landing Page, have the page look exactly as I built it inside Infusionsoft and also add this functionality to have the webform portion of the page?

    1. Adrian Tobey

      Hey Michael. Unknown at this time, this plugin is optimized particularly for webforms as their structure is simple and organized. I imagine that trying to implement this with a landing page may result in… unexpected results.

      1. Hans

        I am trying to reach you at Training Business Pros 647-608-7767. There is a Paul Tobey on the company directory but I can’t seem to find your ext. Can you please give me a call. I am trying to download your app from the infusionsoft marketplace and I keep getting redirected to this page? Please call me 949-294-4664

        1. Adrian Tobey

          HI Hans, Sorry for the late reply, your comment got buried amongst a tonne of unfiltered spam. You can download FormLift directly from the plugins area in WP! And to buy a license please visit

    1. Adrian Tobey

      Hi Regina,
      Yes it is as the form in your photo is also made with FormLift 🙂

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