We’re Going To Mars!

Wow… it’s been quite a ride… Training Business Pros has been in business for 10 years and we’re still growing!

While our focus has changed somewhat along the way we’ve remained committed to our client’s success.  Our team has changed. Our vision, mission and purpose have remained consistent but now with the coming of 2018 we’re more focused than ever to refine our vision, mission and purpose.

If you’ve been along for the ride, we thought that we’d share with you a little bit about the most recent changes inside Training Business Pros, kind of like our State of the Union address.

We’ve changed what we’re about!

Over the last several years we’ve been spreading the word that we are one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada… But that isn’t quite accurate. Not because we’re not great at digital marketing (which we are) but because we’ve realized that it’s only part of what we do.

We’ve grown into a position to be able to offer “best in class” business intelligence for sales, HR, digital marketing, traditional marketing, management, personal development, and so much more that we can help companies grow in all areas.

To reflect that, we’ve reviewed and changed our mission, purpose, and Inside advantage.

Inside Advantage: We Provide Best In Class Business Intelligence To Help Companies Scale Up.

Mission:  Best In Class Marketing & Business Development Agency

Purpose: To Help Companies Scale Up

We’ve also changed our training courses!

We’ve re-introduced training into Training Business Pros as part of our new focus for the coming year! Our new Fast Track series of courses is designed to take you from being complete novice in sales and marketing to killing it in the digital and offline sectors of your company. These courses are also mandatory for all service clients moving forward.

The line up includes…

Business Heroes Group – FREE
For two hours on the first Friday of every month, the Business Heroes get together to learn about all things business development and digital marketing so they can scale up. https://fasttrackmysales.com/get-started

Fast Track My Sales – $397
The uncomplicated guide to getting your digital assets in order so you can start monetizing your list, your traffic, and your clients with proven digital marketing strategies. https://fasttrackmysales.com

Choose Your Journey – $397
Life or business lacking direction? Come to this course to start planning out your journey for the rest of your business life. https://fasttrackmysales.com/journey

Fast Track MORE Sales – $2,997
Learn how to sell on stage, on the phone, in person, online, in an email, on a webinar, on a sales page, or anywhere with this proven sales template that will work in every situation. https://fasttrackmysales.com/fast-track-more-sales

Seasonal Funnel Bootcamp – $1,997
Get your sales funnels setup in 1 day so you can bring home the bacon for some of the most important selling days of the year such as Black Friday, Christmas, and boxing day! https://fasttrackmysales.com/bootcamp

Inside Advantage – $12,997
The ultimate round table mastermind class to provide you and your company with a clear vision on how to scale up dramatically. [By appointment only]

Sales Funnel Bootcamp – $9,997
Learn what the ultimate sales funnel would look like in your business. Spend a whole day in this mastermind class designing the most effective sales process you company is capable of. [By appointment only]

These courses are completely replacing our line up of traditional marketing and sales courses. Each course is only 1-day to make it easy for you to come in and spend a day with us.

We’ve changed what we do!

We’ve built an agency over the past three years. Many of you already know that, but it’s not clear what our agency is actually capable of taking care of. So we’d like to let you know!

Do you need some direction, advice, quick service work, or a second opinion? We have someone in office that will be able to take care of you by the hour. Whether it’s writing emails or designing sales funnels we can tell help you discover your next steps. [By appointment only]

Adwords & Facebook PPC management
Looking for someone to take care of your paid search? We hired two Adwords certified in house employees just to take care of your company’s ad spend. They’ll do the research, create the campaigns, and even the landing pages for you! https://fasttrackmysales.com/adwords

Sales funnel design and implementation
Have a product or service that should be performing better than it is? Come in and we’ll design the sales funnel from top to bottom and get those numbers UP! [By appointment only]

Deep Dive
The ultimate marketing makeover. Sales funnel, website, email marketing, full training course load, it’s all inclusive with this package… [By appointment only]

Buckling down for the Q4

Because of all these changes business has been booming. We have courses running monthly now, and as a result our services department has been getting tons of inquiries from our students. We’ll soon be hiring even more new faces to help with demand. If you’re planning on having a refined sales and marketing process integrated into your business as part of the plan for Q4 this year or Q1 next year, you may want to call us sooner rather than later!

I’m really excited for the last quarter and the upcoming year, it’s going to be a great ride.

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