Why you should be a part of our Small Business Mastermind Group!

You’re sitting at you desk, twiddling your thumbs, trying to think of a new way to create more clients, business, and revenue, but nothing comes to you…

You’re staring down at your computer, you’re getting frustrated as you struggle with confounded software that was promised would work, yet all it does is bill your credit card monthly…

You’re overwhelmed with leads, clients and promises are falling through the cracks everywhere around you. You can’t keep up to the demand…

If you operate your own business and you’ve started to scale up, it’s likely you’ve lived though one of the above scenarios, or are about to.

You’ll soon see that the learning curve as you scale up and start adopting new technologies and best practices is immense. So immense in fact that it might as well be considered foolhardy to go it alone.

Fortunately for you you’re this isn’t the school system. We are no longer bound to the same rules as we once were. This is business.

You’re probably asking, what does the school system have to do with a business mastermind group?

Think back to the last test you ever wrote. If you looked to the person beside you and said, “Hey Jim, what’s the answer to 3. c)?” to which Jim replied, “4!” what would have happened?

You would have failed because that’s CHEATING! The traditional education system teaches us to do things on our own without asking for help, which is unfortunate because in the real world we CAN ask for ALL THE HELP WE WANT to make our lives that much easier. Why waste time with trial and error? Just ask someone for help.

I for one am the BIGGEST CHEATER ON PLANET EARTH! I ask for the answers all day long from the people who already have what I want. How do I get more sales? What engagement strategy should I use next? What is the secret to converting more leads? How do I hire better people and keep them? How do I create a better brand?

Have you ever heard the term, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for?” Well, it’s true. I ask for things all the time, and sometimes it may take a while, but it usually shows up eventually.

Giving you what you ask for is exactly the purpose of our monthly FREE business mastermind group called the Business Heroes Group!

We meet on the first Friday of every month to answer your burning questions, give you new Ideas, show tutorials for software, and most importantly we help you scale up!

Each session gives you not only extraordinary value in the information you can take away, but also immense value in the relationships you’ll form with other attendees.

We’ve had members who’ve been around us for a whole year and still come every Friday because they get so much out of it!

Being a member of the Business Heroes Group also gets you access to premium offers on PAID courses as well as chances to win free tuition to courses as well!

So, you get an epic amount of value in business intelligence every month for free (not to mention recordings of every month prior to get you kick started), plus networking, prizes and special offers, there isn’t really any downside here!

You don’t even have to leave your own office or house, you can attend from anywhere because we live-stream the whole thing and allow to participate through live chat!

The business heroes group goes far beyond your regular business mastermind group. No paid stuff, no credit card required. Just always free, every month, tonnes of value and good people.

At the end of the day, this is just our way of giving back to the business community.

Want to be a part of it? All you have to do is sign up and be wowed by our business heroes!

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