Public Speaking Training Tips and Tricks

Chapter I – Death by PowerPoint

Even though it’s been traditionally considered
to be a powerful tool in presentations, my
personal  belief system is that PowerPoint
is not only boring it’s ineffective.


While it might help the presenter keep on track what you may not realize is that keeping on track is not necessarily the best way to give a presentation.

Is it possible that people learn differently?

Is it possible that they have no idea where you are in your presentation?

Keep in mind that if they don’t know where you are then PowerPoint will keep you completely confined to where you have predefined that point to be there for handcuffing you and making you stay on track to something which people may not want.

What I always suggest to people is that if you are going to use PowerPoint, you use it in moderation.

Moderation means turn it on for 5 min. make a point then turn it off. If you don’t turn it off people end up staring at the screen because people have been trained to steric screens and while there staring at screens they’re not listening to you.

In most PowerPoint presentations that I see people generally fall asleep within 5 to 10 min. how much do you think people can learn from you while you’re sleeping?

Here are some things that you might want to think about for your next presentation which will work better;

1.   there is a little-known science called suggestology which is the art of activating someone’s natural will to learn. If you don’t know what that is my suggestion is you wait for our next chapter to learn all about it.

2.   Get your audience participating because it raises their energy and helps them learn faster and retain more. The matter how you slice it PowerPoint can’t do that.

3.   If you absolutely have to keep yourself on track then make yourself notes with headlines in the right context and in the right order so that you have some idea of where you should be. Remember they have no idea where you should be or if you missed anything if you keep the information from them which is impossible to do when you’re displaying it on a PowerPoint slide.

In the end it’s your choice but I’ve always found that the best presentations are the ones that enroll and engage in do not bore people to death. So stay away from PowerPoint because it will be the death of you.

Internet chapter will talk about how to use the little-known art called <a href=>suggestology</a> which is the absolute key to winning presentations.

Internet chapter will talk about how to use the little-known art called suggestology which is the absolute key to winning presentations.





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