Pharma Marketing Requires Knowledge and Experience That Most Likely Your Friends in the Industry Don’t Have Yet. Why?

The big problem that I see today with Pharma marketing is that people are still doing things old school. And the reason why they do that is because they listen to a bunch of people in the same tax bracket talk the same old stories the same old marketing aspects that simply don’t have an effect anymore.

You might want to look at it this way; the Internet rules. And if you don’t believe that think about the last time you went to the Internet for anything. You might’ve done a Google search, you might’ve got on twitter or LinkedIn or YouTube. You’re basically looking for for information and so think about it from the company’s perspective; if they’re looking for somebody to help them with Pharma marketing their likely looking for you but you don’t know how to be found.

So here are the top three things that you can do to be found for what ever it is the heck you do;

  1. Never guess at what people are looking for. Always consider that if they look for something that they want their choosing keyword phrases that they can think of it because they don’t know your company name they’re not looking for you specifically but for what it is they want. You might also want to know that Google keeps a record of all your search habits and anyone that’s ever used its search engine. Accessing that database takes some knowledge and some skill but essentially what it comes down to is you need Google’s information before you build your website post a video online or anything that you do with social media worth doing. Anything else is guessing and a waste of time.
  2. Once you have that information then you can basically target people by bringing them to your site and literally giving them what they want not what you think they want. And if you don’t know what you want the fact that the run your site now you can actually ask them what they want and they’ll tell you. It doesn’t cost you anything to do this so stop trying to figure out the world’s greatest drug for whatever angle market first once you have several million people interested in that drug then you have a license to print money because you can now go to the bank and say I’ve got 2 million people interested in buying business drug their beaks were almost there and working to sell it to the missing is it done we just need an extra couple of million dollars to finish thank you so much.
  3. And finally when the drug is finally finished and manufactured, now you have a whole bunch of people to sell it to because you took the time and the energy to build your mailing list based on what people are looking for not what you think they’re looking for. And, that mailing list is a license to print money because they gave their email to you looking for something specific. So communicate with them over time because not everybody buys when you’re ready to sell. When do they buy? They buy when they’re ready. And so all you need is a mailing list and a system of frequency and content to communicate with them over time so that when they already you are right there in front of them when they want to make that decision.

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