3 Simple Ways to Make your Marketing Video Script Stand Out

Perhaps you have recently taken an interest in the seductive world of online video marketing and if so, then congratulations! You’re looking at one of the fastest and most lucrative ways of growing your business online.

I have even better news for you; you’re in the right place. Great video marketing doesn’t start from setting up a camera and lighting, doing post-production editing or even animating your presentation (although all three things certainly do add value.) Proper video marketing all starts from step one; coming up with a marketing video script that is going to hook your viewers’ attention, keep them watching until the very end and get them to take action after they finish watching.

There are many simple and powerful ways to develop a killer marketing video script and you’re about to learn three of them.

1)      A marketing video must quickly grab your viewers’ attention with a powerful hook. Living in the Web 2.0 with the world of social media around us, attention spans have gotten shorter and distractions have become more plentiful. You have around 10 to 15 seconds to grab your viewers’ attention with your marketing video script before they decide to tune out and go watch Modern Family instead. Yikes! That’s not much time, so what can actually be done?

One of the ways you can accomplish this is by asking a question at the start of the video that makes your viewer feel curious and leaves them wanting to know more. Another way of hooking your viewers’ attention is by making a powerful statement that they agree with. For instance, I recently created a marketing video for a printing company and started it off by saying the following. “Printing. You know you have to do it, and you know that it’s going to be a pain in the you-know-what to find somebody who can do it your way.”

2)      Speak the same language as your viewer. I don’t mean in the sense of speaking English, French, or early sixteenth-century Latin, but language in the same metaphorical sense. Is there industry lingo or terminology that your viewer is going to understand and appreciate? Then use it. Does your target audience need to have a lot of details and things carefully explained to them? Then take the time to explain. On the other hand, if your target market is composed of online marketers then they are likely seeking instant gratification which means you don’t want to linger too long on any one particular point in your marketing video script.

3)      Use an example or a case study that actively demonstrates success with your product or service. I can’t understate the value that offering a real-life success story of your product or service in action provides. One of the first marketing videos I saw that got me hooked on the idea of creating them was for a product called Double Your Likes. In the video they said that they had a method which got your Facebook fan page 218% more likes. My first thought was ‘yeah right,’ but after proceeding to watch their actual example of how they accomplished this, I was astounded and ended up actually purchasing their product. The funny part was, I didn’t even need it which just goes to show the power that a good marketing video script holds.

Yes, there is clearly quite a bit of value contained within a good marketing video script and this post is only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more elements that can help you create an excellent video marketing script. Not to mention a plethora of other components for all of the other stages of marketing video creation that make it do what it’s supposed to do. And what is a marketing video supposed to do anyway?

Convert your viewers into customers.

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    Thanks for posting on my behalf and I’m happy to share this with you and your readers! Video marketing is a fantastic avenue to explore with tons of benefits for both the video creator and the viewer. Plus, videos are just fun to watch :).

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