What is a Marketing System, and how will it help my business

1. Prospects are potential clients.  A business needs to increase the traffic to its store or website. The key is to give them a reason to sign up on to a mailing list.  “The money is in the list”.  The most impactful way to achieve this is the following:

  • Social Media (that includes Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google +, You Tube, etc)
  • Cold Calling
  • Word of Mouth
  • Advertising

2. Communication – In communicating with clients and prospects, we need 4 – 7 impressions to effectively have our client visit our store or website.  This may be achieved through the following forms:

  • Emails
  • Telephone
  • Social Media
  • Networking Events

3. Presentation Marketing – is following a set format when presenting information to our clients.  The content of the presentation may change, depending upon the product/service that the client needs, but the process by which we present, stays the same. A successful close ratio is 20 -30 % of the clients based on the individual business.

4. Follow-up – Customers are not always ready to buy when we are ready to sell. A system of following up with those clients needs to be developed based on your individual business.  Generally, you should contact them weekly or bi-weekly until they opt-out or buy.

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