Why does keyword research affect your SEO?

Many businesses these days try their hand at Internet marketing by building a website first and then trying to figure out a way to market it later. This is a big mistake. Before you build a website, put a webpage online, post a video online, or anything else that you’re going to post for that matter, make sure you do keyword research first.

The number one reason why you want to do keyword research is because people are already looking for your products and services. All you need to do is find out what they’re looking for and make sure that there’s not a lot of competition for what it is they’re looking for. There are number of things to consider and I will discuss them in this article.

  1. The first step in the search engine optimization process is to get a piece of software called Market Samurai. This will help you find keyword phrases that represent your target market and suggest to you a whole bunch of other keyword phrases for your target market that you have never thought of. Then it will tell you how much competition you have based on how many people are searching for those keyword phrases and how many other websites are playing for the same keyword phrases – your competition.One of the things to keep in mind when Market Samurai tells you about your competition is to take a look at their overall content, context and where they utilize those keyword phrases in strategic places on their website so that you can outplay them in a game that they may not understand. The reality of the situation is that most websites play the search engine optimization game by default and are often ranked by default. Your goal is to rank by design and Market Samurai is designed to do exactly that.
  2. Once you get those keyword phrases then you need to strategically place them on your website using a good content management system like WordPress. If you’re not a web designer then you absolutely need that content management system to systematically login post and your content online and you can literally do this in about 3 min. Once you’ve got the content ready.
  3. Once you login to WordPress there are very strategic key areas to put your keyword phrases. Most notably you must put the keyword phrase in the title tag, in the URL, in the description, and in the H1 tag or head. This tells Google what the webpages are about. If you dilute those things by putting in a whole bunch of keyword phrases at random and doing something called keyword stuffing this will systematically dilute your website and make you unreadable and unrankable by Google.
  4. One of the most important things that you could ever do to rank your website higher in Google is to make a video, post it on Youtube describe that video by using same keyword phrases that the webpage that you’re embedding it. The reason why Google makes this powerful is because it owns Youtube and it loves the fact that you’re embedding video on your website.

At the end of the day learning search engine optimization and being a good search engine optimization specialist requires some training in the beginning but once you practice, you can literally create good content in under 5 min. post that content online in about 3 min. and promote it in about 2 min. taking a toll grand total of 10 min. a day and if you do this you could be branded an expert and new business will flow your way.

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