How Do You Know That You Are Really Working With Infusionsoft Specialists?

In today’s highly competitive world of digital marketing, it becomes incumbent upon each and every company to do their due diligence when it comes to choosing a marketing agency for their digital marketing and especially for Infusionsoft. For example: if you or anyone in your company is NOT an expert in digital marketing, how would you know that you are working with people who are experts?

While digital marketing is super important in today’s competitive marketplace, Infusionsoft is a whole new level of expertise. The digital marketing agency that you choose, not only needs to understand the true nature of online marketing, from traffic generation through conversion, but they also need to understand the highly complex world of life-cycle marketing which includes Infusionsoft automation.

Here Are 7 Ways To Know For Sure That You Are Really Working With Real Bona Fide Infusionsoft Specialists.

7. Real Infusionsoft specialists have a track record of success. Never settle for something that someone tells you, but rather dig deep into their record of accomplishments. This not only includes the amount of time that they claim to be Infusionsoft specialists, but it also includes what other people say about them.

One of the best ways to do this is to look at the company’s profile page, find out who the company executives are, and search their names on LinkedIn. Once you open their profile, look for things like numbers of endorsements for digital marketing skills (at least 99+ in 5 different areas of digital marketing), numbers of written recommendations, and of course the amount of time that they’ve actually been in the digital marketing world.

The most important of these is recommendations. Recommendations on LinkedIn cannot be faked or edited. Make sure that they have at least 20 or more in their field of expertise that they are claiming. Here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile as an example of the profile quality that you should be looking for.

6. Real Infusionsoft specialists walk their talk. There’s a lot more to Infusionsoft than just building campaign automation. While that’s important, it’s more important to understand that Infusionsoft is an animal that needs to be fed. Without a consistent stream of generated leads, Infusionsoft is pretty much worthless. Yes, you can automate your sales and fulfillment campaigns. But without leads, what good is a sales campaign? Without sales, what good is a fulfillment campaign?

How can you tell if the Infusionsoft specialists can walk their talk? First of all, don’t let them confuse you with a bunch of digital marketing or Infusionsoft jargon. It’s easy to open up Infusionsoft and look like an expert, if you the client, do not know what you’re looking at. And quite frankly, most Infusionsoft specialists count on that. They count on the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know. Therefore it’s easy for them to look like experts.

The best way to tell if they are true Infusionsoft specialists is to look at their metrics, key performance indicators (KPI’s), and executive dashboard for at least 3 of their clients. If they don’t want to show you this, then they are hiding something. We are quite open about our metrics and our results. You can ask us to show you pretty much anything and we’ll show it to you. In fact, in most cases, we’ll open up Infusionsoft and show you these results without you having to ask.

5. Real Infusionsoft specialists have at least 3 Infusionsoft certified partners or consultants on staff. There is a big difference between employees who are highly trained and subcontractors who do their own thing. If the agency you choose is using mostly subcontractors, you’ll be chasing them to get the work done.

Using subcontractors means that there is no standardized system of delivery and this will seriously impact the quality of their service and the amount of time that it takes to deliver. There is simply not enough focused responsibility within the subcontracting team to have a true accountability plan. Our Infusionsoft specialists are not only trained by Infusionsoft but are highly trained for a customized and standardized system of delivery that every one of our employees on our team needs to know.

4. Real Infusionsoft specialists are part of a team that has been working together for a while. Teams have a highly developed sense of how to perform together for the desired outcome. One of the best ways to know the difference between a highly developed team and a team that is thrown together is to visit their facility.  Their facility does not have to seem opulent to be effective, but it does need to look like the team is working together for their clients. You can easily get a sense of this. Trust your instincts and go with the team that looks like it gels.

3. Infusionsoft specialists, at least in Canada, may claim to have access to government grants to pay for their services.  On this one, you need to do your homework. Claiming it, and doing it are two completely different things. Did you know that marketing companies do not qualify for Canada Job Grant funds?

Did you know that in order to qualify for these funds they have to be a licensed training company? Before even applying to the grant program through their company, ask for at least 10 companies that they helped get grants. If you get an answer like this, “that information is confidential,” then you need to know that that information is not confidential.

You are more than welcome to ask this information from us and we’ll tell you the companies that we’ve received grants for. Not only that, but it’s also way more than 10. You can also ask for the company’s training credentials. Are they a licensed training company? Again, it doesn’t matter what they say, it matters what their track record and their credentials are.

The other thing that you can do is call your Government Service Provider and ask them if the Infusionsoft specialists have applied for or received any grants on behalf of their clients.

2. Real  Infusionsoft specialists will have a history with the company Infusionsoft. If you want to know about how reputable the company is, then all you have to do is call Infusionsoft at 1-866-800-0004. Ask to speak to Corey Snyder, how is the senior manager of the entire Infusionsoft Certified Partner team. In fact, there are partner managers for each service area such as Canada, East Coast, West Coast, Australia, England, etc. Corey Snyder is in charge of all of the partner managers who work with the certified consultants.

We’ve been with Infusionsoft since 2013, first as Trusted Advisors and then Certified Partners. Our history as a service provider and sales partner for Infusionsoft is impeccable. I have personally received the prestigious “5 Tools Award” presented to me by Infusionsoft at a retreat in Hawaii. Does that make me the biggest tool of the year? I think so 🙂

Also, do they any testimonials like this?

“Training Business Pros have won many performance and service awards from Infusionsoft because of their outstanding training performance and achievement over the past several years. They are clearly Canada’s and one of North America’s leading Infusionsoft Business Partners.” Andy Simmons, Vice President, Global and Partner Sales, Infusionsoft

1. Real Infusionsoft specialists will look like specialists. This can be perceived differently in many ways and you’ll have to use your intuition to tell you which ones are doing a great job and which ones are not. The things that I would pay attention to our: the quality of their video productions, the quality of their website, the effectiveness of their own marketing, the persuasiveness of their copywriting, are they spending any money on marketing (because they should be), can they speak plain English so that you can understand what their strategies are or do they try to confuse you with every sentence, have they done work for companies in your industry vertical?

At the end of the day, it’s important that you understand that not all Infusionsoft specialists are created equal. In fact, they are not created at all. They create themselves. And to that end  you must choose. Don’t choose the first one that comes along. And most of all, don’t pick the cheapest one. Because if you do that, you’ll be wondering why you spent any money at all. Results, in the digital marketing and Infusionsoft game, are the only thing that matters

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