Infusionsoft Canada: 8 Reasons to Get Infusionsoft & Potentially Have the Canadian Government Pay for It?

Before Infusionsoft made its way into our own marketing and sales systems, we really had no real discernible way to tell if our digital marketing was paying off.  The Infusionsoft automated marketing and sales system was, admittedly, difficult to adapt and learn in the beginning.  But as we dove deeper into it we realized that it was quite a bit more complicated than we had imagined.

Luckily, it turned out that complicated can be good because that usually makes it more flexible and scalable.  Even though life in our office was simpler before Infusionsoft, at least for a while, we took the time that it takes to truly learn its capabilities and voila!  It not only worked incredibly well in our business but it’s doing amazing things for our clients as well.

There’s a lot to read in this article about how we can automate your marketing lead capture and conversion, setup a system where clients can automate appointment requests and keep the entire sales team on track, all with Infusionsoft.
But may you’re in a hurry so here’s a couple of choices…
Sometimes you just need to talk to someone about Infusionsoft and you can do that right now, if you have the time, by calling our Infusionsoft Canada Hotline at 647-608-7767.

If you need to schedule a time to speak with one of our Infusionsoft Certified Partners in most Canadian provinces including Québec en français, please pick a time from this calendar.

We’ve certainly learned a lot since those early days of Infusionsoft implementation (back in 2012) but, without a doubt, Infusionsoft is now the biggest workhorse in our company.  It churns out leads and sales 24/7 and gives us the data that we need to make our advertising decisions.

However, the biggest problem that we see with companies that try Infusionsoft is that they really don’t know how to use it and it’s hard to get a good marketer to help you set it up properly.

It’s a fairly complex machine that needs constant attention to detail.  And without a solid digital marketing and sales background, it’s even tougher.  It’s an automation monster that needs a steady stream of new leads to function properly.  So, if you don’t know how to generate leads and build your core list, then Infusionsoft is like an expensive toy that sits in the closet collecting dust.

In the past few years, we have invested a lot of time and hard work into developing an extensive, advanced understanding of Infusionsoft and how it can revolutionize your business. And from that knowledge we’ve assembles this list of…

Our Top 8 Reasons to Seriously Consider the Infusionsoft CRM System

#8 ~ Because You Can Custom Design Your Desired Outcome

Have you ever noticed that customers and clients don’t always buy when you’re ready to sell?

Perhaps you might want to think about it like this..

When guests show up at your completely planned party, you likely have a good plan to direct them to where you want them to go. For example, You likely want them to come in by the front door, walk down the hall, grab a drink in the kitchen and take a comfortable seat on the back porch.
Your pre-designed plan was to choose the point of entry, pick the route through the house, custom design the experience along the way and choose the proper outcome ie: pick a chair to sit down in on the deck.

If you were to translate this experience into marketing terms you would pick the entry point on your website (where you capture the visitor’s data), customize the experience with various stopping off pages and then choose the desired outcome ie: buy a product, book and appointment, register for a webinar or even download a report.

With Infusionsoft, you can automate this entire journey.  With it you can control the entry point, design the route and predetermine the outcome.  But what if they wander off your desired path and stray into your bedroom?  You can custom-design other plays to account for that.  It will automatically reel them back in and encourages them to get back on track. It’ll even send automated invitations to encourage future increased interaction between your and your “guests.”

As you grow, you can adjust all your routes, entries, exits and experiences without having to build an entirely new plan every time. And with the data that Infusionsoft gathers about your customers’ entries, exists, stopping off points etc., you can now create a better overall customer experience which in turn creates more sales.

#7 ~ Because You Have a Diverse Customer Base

If you think again briefly about the analogy above, even though you want your adult guests to come through the front door, you may want your kids and their 10 friends to use the side-door.  And, if you have a furnace repair guy scheduled at the same time, he could use the garage door which then leads to the basement. And the dog probably uses the back door exclusively.
Infusionsoft handles lead the same way you plan for people who show up during your party. Not everyone needs or wants the same experience. Begin each play by segmenting your audiences and plan their experiences accordingly.

For example, we segment our clients based on whether they have employees or not.  If they are a solopreneur, they need different information and expertise than a company with 30 employees. Infusionsoft allows us to segment right off the bat and sends fresh information that is targeted to the user. Therefore, based on a simple radio option, everyone gets to choose their journey and customized experience. You really need to think about how this could affect your business.

If you’re sending out generic one-size-fits-all e-blasts or newsletters to your entire audience, you could be bleeding high-profile clients. And if their only interaction with you is when you try to sell them the special of the month, they may come to see you as a discount store.

Generic content does not work for all of your clients. You need to position your communications differently fo your various demographics. If you do this you could have an easier time reeling in bigger fish.  Consider the 80/20 rule. 80% of your business usually comes from 20% of your clients. Casting a wide net might catch more fish, but more fish doesn’t always equate to more meat.

#6 ~ Because You Will Become A Mentalist

Imagine having an extensive and comprehensive profile of your leads before you get them on the phone.  The Infusionsoft tagging system, coupled with custom fields, when set up properly, can give you tremendous insight into what they’ve read, watched, viewed, avoided, actions they’ve taken or not taken and of course, the things they’ve already purchased.

The mentalist system can automatically measure if you’re dealing with a passive lead or a hot lead.  You can look at his/her interests, use these touchpoints as leverage, and get them over the tipping point to the big sale. Even if they opt-out because they didn’t like one email, you can still use this list to re-target them with Facebook, Linkedin or Google Adwords.  Armed with the right information, it’s a sure bet that you’ll find a way to get them back..

Infusionsoft is a complete data-mining and customer behavioral marketing system. The more information that you collect from your prospect, the easier it will be to close them.

#5 ~ Because It Automates Your Appointments

You’re going to love how Infusionsoft integrates with products like AppointmentCore so that your customers can book their own appointments. We’ve done extensive A/B testing on this and purchased thousands of dollars in PPC ads.

In one recent test, we gave people the option to call us vs having people book their own appointment.   On the very first day we had 2 inbound calls. However, the same amount of traffic generated 6 appointments via the automation.  Between the 8 leads, we had a total of 3 qualified clients, which resulted in one close at $10,000. Not bad for a test.  So, we retooled and rolled it out with a wicked campaign that included Linkedin ads as well.

Think about it. It’s not too bad a day when you have a couple of appointments booked and you didn’t do anything except set it up one time.

#4 ~ Because Metrics Matter

The Infusionsoft system allows decision-makers to know what’s happening in your business based on customizable dashboards that pull valuable and concise information from your often varied and complex campaigns.
Imagine knowing the following information at a glance:

  • From which source the lead came from (Google, Facebook, etc)
  • How many of the leads converted into a sales call
  • Which rep is taking care of the sales call
  • If they’ve closed or not.
  • If they didn’t close… why not?
  • Where the system sent the lead, either to a new bucket or nurture campaign.

Armed with this information you can; determine where to spend your advertising dollars, enhance current campaigns to make them work better or even customize new campaigns based on the information you mine.

#3 ~ Because the Infusionsoft Lifecycle Marketing Philosophy Rocks

It happens to all business owners: You and your teamwork really hard to make the sale and then you are gone – virtually disappearing from the customer’s life. You sold them something and now you’ve evaporated.  “Where did you go?” they ask themselves. This hurts your brand image and makes it more difficult for you to establish customer loyalty.

If you have a lot of customers, then we can certainly appreciate how time-consuming it is to service them and show each of them the love and appreciation they believe they deserve.  Whether you are a product-based company or a service-based company, you will find that the number #1 reason your customers buy from you, is you.

But what are you doing to make them feel special after the sale is completed? Sure, you try your best to stay on top of the conversation but we both know you probably could do a much better job of it.

Infusionsoft is not only a great tool to nurture the customer until they buy, it’s really great at follow-up communications after they buy.  For example, you could automate their entire onboarding process or keep in touch with them with relevant information pertaining to their purchases. It also sends out birthday cards, webinar reminders, or even creates tasks reminding you to make phone calls.

Imagine setting up nurture campaigns that keep your clients happy and encourage them to re-order or refer you to a friend. This could be a simple sequence of emails to make certain your deserving clients know you’re thinking of them.  All of these types of nurture campaigns are designed to make your client feel special and important. It also “helps you stay top-of-mind before your competition has a chance to move in.”

#2 ~ Because For Us There Is No Real Infusionsoft Alternative

Imagine you are the captain of a stranded boat in the middle of a giant ocean. The sea has kicked up big time and with your safety threatened and with limited resources, you only have two options: fix the boat or die.

Unfortunately, this scenario represents far too many businesses. We see it all the time; company’s that are barely holding on to their market share because they forget the number one rule of business: GROW or DIE!
If you are not constantly updating your business’ systems and processes, especially in these highly technological times, then make no mistake about it, you will eventually die.  Growth is the one constant of highly successful companies.

If you are the CEO your goal is to constantly anticipate rough seas and build better systems to weather the storm.

While some CEO’s might choose simpler automation systems like aWeber vs Infusionsoft, Constant Contact vs Infusionsoft, MailChimp vs Infusionsoft or other CRMs, in our experience we have found Infusionsoft to be the most powerful tool that allows our business and our client’s businesses to grow with them.  It’s the ability to scale with the business that makes it powerful.
Think of it as a systems and processes machine for your business:

Everything you need to coordinate your back end, track your metrics, and automate your sales.

#1 ~ Because of “FREE (Do you Qualify?) Canadian Infusionsoft Pricing”

The #1 reason to get Infusionsoft from us at Training Business Pros, is that you may qualify to have the Government of Canada actually pay for it. All of this beautiful digital marketing automation and the training you need to get the most out of it may actually be covered by a Canadian Business Grant.  Really!

In Canada, there is currently over 1 Billion Dollars available in this particular grant fund.  This can cover your Digital Marketing & Sales Certification Course which covers everything to do with Infusionsoft and digital marketing.  But it also covers customized implementation and training specifically for your company alone. You can access up to $10,000 per employee to cover the cost of their training and Infusionsoft.
Training Business Pros has the highest designation and accreditation from Infusionsoft: “Trusted Advisor.” But we are also “Certified Partners.”
When you purchase from us, you also are guaranteed to pay in Canadian dollars which is a significant saving when compared to the typical US Dollar Infusionsoft Pricing. The major gain for you there is that the conversion rate fluctuates, while we give you a fixed rate. At the time this blog was written (March 9, 2015), we are the ONLY company in Canada to offer Infusionsoft training and Infusionsoft Pricing in Canadian dollars.  This is a fixed monthly rate which will remain the same even if the Canadian dollar takes an even greater nose-dive.


Save yourself a million-dollar fine!

Infusionsoft can help protect you from Canada’s Anti Spam Laws which come into full effect on July 17, 2017. And even though the CRTC which governs the anti-spam laws, is not pursuing many complaints as of yet, a marketer in Quebec was recently hit with a $1,000,000 fine for breaking Canada’s tough anti-spam laws. We think it’s important for you to know that when you email customers you’ll now need software to protect you and keep you CASL-compliant.

Infusionsoft can ensure your clients are authorizing you to email them, that you have the proper unsubscribe protocol attached to every email you end and that you only send people information that they have requested. Best of all, it gives you a dashboard where you can track your clients’ email preferences, so you can prove you are compliant if you were ever questioned.

To speak with someone right away, call our Infusionsoft Canada Hotline at 416-444-3396.


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