[Infographic] 30 Cunning Ways to Get Hypnotic With Your Landing Pages

Want to know how to hypnoticize your audience on your landing pages?

Check out our newest infographic on how to create Hypnotic Landing Pages.
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You might be asking:

  1. What is hypnotic copywriting?
  2. How can you apply it?
  3. How can you hypnoticize an e-mail to get a higher click-through rate?

“Hypnotic copywriting is intentionally using words that guide people into a focused mental state where they are inclined to buy your product or service.”
Some people have an overwhelming amount of activities and distractions in their lives. Using hypnotic copywriting on your landing pages can help you cut through the clutter.
How would you describe a fountain pen? In most cases people would describe it like this:

  • A unique metal fountain pen with a built-in message
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Attractive design
  • Replacement ink cartridges
  • Batteries included

These are less than hypnotic ways of selling a pen. Try this:
“Imagine that you had a teensy-weensy masseuse to carry around in your shirt pocket. Any time you desired you could order your tiny masseuse to soothe your tired muscles and rub away your tensions. Now imagine this tiny masseuse had a pen sticking out of its head and ran on batteries.”
While you’re not likely to come across a miniature pen-headed masseuse, here is the next best thing: Introducing the world’s first massaging pen.
Notice the use of Imagery, solving a problem, creating emotion, visualization, anything that activates any of the five senses.
Hypnotic copywriting is salesmanship in print.

Five hypnotic tips that you can use right now to be more effective with your copywriting:

  1. Turn your headline into a question.
  1. Add a testimonial right beneath the headline.

The doors fell off when people rushed in to get their first taste of hypnotic copywriting secrets.
“Paul Tobey’s course gave me some tremendous insights into how I can better sell my products and services through valuable tips on hypnotic copywriting.” Joe Wishter

  1. Add in a hypnotic graphic that is on-strategy.
  1. When you write your content write it beginning with the word “imagine”. Other options include: “Visualize,” “picture yourself,” “try to imagine,” or “think about the first”
  1. Add a buy now button near the top of your webpage above the fold. “Having a buy now button increases your impulse purchases.”

Here are some more general rules about hypnotic copywriting:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Inform people that they are in the right place
  3. Build curiosity so that the only thing that they can imagine themselves doing is continuing to read
  4. Make sure that your writing makes people feel something and that it’s laced with emotion
  5. Use hypnotic connectors: essential, exclusive, ground-breaking, unearth, fascinating, massive, powerful, revolutionary, basic, expert, fast-forward, critical, calculating, skeptical
  6. The concept of metaphor: a metaphor is using words to describe something that people recognize to describe something that they don’t recognize.

E.g. Caffeine is like a loan shark, what it lends you in the morning it takes back in the afternoon with interest.

  1. Proof “where do salt trucks for the city of Mississauga go when they need rustproofing?
  2. WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?
  3. If you’ve got a targeted audience use the Roundup formula. What is the Roundup formula? Call your targeted audience by name.
  4. ?’s are important to draw your reader in.
  5. 5W1H there are six marketing brothers who served me well and true. Their names are what and where and when and why and how and who.
  6. If …. Then… If you have this resource or time or money then you will get this…
  7. FREE, YOU
  8. “Punctuation!!!” It’s important to use it, and use it correctly.
  9. Think of the word computer, tree, stars, sky or pen. With each word, you will find it draws an image to your mind. This proves that people think in pictures.
  10. Formatting: Keep it clean. Keep it uniform.
  11. Yeah… Sure! “Never make your claim bigger than your proof.”
  12. Popular Phrases
  13. Color
  14. Bullet points “what does it do, how does it work and what is the benefit of what it does and how it works.
  15. Draw the reader in with hypnotic selling stories
  16. Use common language and colloquialisms
  17. I = B + C: Interest equals benefit plus curiosity
  18. Buy one get one free
  19. Avoid making them feel: “why should I care?”
  20. Use numbers. “30 ways to make your copywriting more hypnotic” 5 new hypnotic copywriting concepts
  21. Good copywriting is salesmanship in print
  22. The reason why I need it? The reason why you’re the best one to give it to me? And the reason why I should by now?
  23. Braindead offers.
  24. Use “Because” in your writing.

How to hypnoticize an email:

Subject Line: under 4 words. Crazy. Emotion. Number.

Hi firstname,

The best formula we’ve found is to identify a problem, then include a “call to action” hyperlink. You follow that with an editorial about your solution, in two sections, solution and detail.

Example: When it comes to creating e-mails, many people struggle with how exactly to put a powerful hypnotic e-mail together.

Solution: In our next one-hour webinar you will learn five new hypnotic concepts as well as 30 tried and tested concepts that have earned well over 45,000 sales.

Detail: You may not realize it yet but when you register you’ll not only learn how to capture attention and interest on behalf of the reader but get most people to do your bidding.




P.S. (Powerful Statement) Choice statement.

“You know Charlie you really don’t have to do this today but think about this: Five minutes from now when you get busy, you may forget about it, so register before you do.”

This offers the appearance of giving them a choice, while instead it is further hypnotizing them and pushing the sale.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be hypnotizing your audience on your landing pages in no time.

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