39 Meaningful Reasons to Invest In Your Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking Skills We used to live in a world where if you were average, you got average results. We do not live in that world anymore. We used to live in a world where if you were good at what you do, you got good results. We do not live in that world anymore. We used to live in a world where if you were great at what you do, you achieved great results. We do not live in that world anymore. The world that we live in now requires you to be great on top of being great. You need to learn how to be uncommonly great. Read more [...]
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I Want To Take Advantage of the Canada Job Grant But I Don’t Yet Qualify – What Can I Do?

Canada Job Grant The Canada Job Grant is an amazing new government initiative. At its core, its mandate is to increase the value of our Canadian workforce by funding various skills development training programs. However, as we’ve been paying close attention to how this program is unfolding, unfortunately not everyone qualifies. And of course, this sets up a challenge for small business owners who want to qualify but don’t, and therefore “the fear of missing out” prompts them to seek immediate answers. Many Read more [...]
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Infusionsoft Canada: 8 Reasons to Get Infusionsoft & Have the Canadian Government Pay for It

Infusionsoft Philosophy Before Infusionsoft made its way into our own marketing and sales systems, we really had no real discernible way to tell if our digital marketing was paying off.  The Infusionsoft automated marketing and sales system was, admittedly, difficult to adopt and learn in the beginning.  But as we dove deeper into it we realized that it was more complicated than we had imagined. Luckily, it turned out that complicated can be good.  Even though life in our office was simpler before Infusionsoft, at least Read more [...]
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Using Suggestology

Using Suggestology Imagine reading something that has you choosing to miss your bus stop, just so you can sit and finish a chapter, even though you know you'll have to walk three blocks back the way you came in a snowstorm. Have you ever had one of those aha-inducing, life-changing moments? When I started working for Training Business Pros, I read Brain Dead Offer #1, and the way that I thought about marketing shifted dramatically. However, it was a couple of months before I picked up Suggestology. When I Read more [...]
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Canada Ontario Job Grant – 5 Really Easy Ways That Your Business Can Access Government Funding

The Canadian Government is starved for businesses to give away over a billion dollars in training money.  This article will help you understand more about the grant, who qualifies and how you can get help immediately.   Every single year you and I have to pay taxes... Well at least I think you do. It's a really good idea to pay taxes for a number of reasons: not the least of which is all the services that we get back from our government that make our lives better. Some really obvious Read more [...]
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[Infographic] The Image Slider Myth and What To Do Instead

**This blogpost is based on a recent webinar on sliders where I walk gold members through exactly why sliders don’t work and how to implement new strategies. Even giving you a few tools to make it so you can do it yourself, no web designer needed! PUSH HERE to find out more about Gold Membership. You will have complete access to the entire gold member archive when you join for the year. -Melodie Moore Are you one of the many business owners or website administrators who has fallen prey to the Read more [...]
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The Canada Ontario Job Grant and How to Put It To Work For Your Business

Did you know that the Federal and Provincial Governments just released a billion dollars to develop the skills of the Canadian workforce through the Ontario Job Grant? Their biggest problem? Finding workers and companies to invest in. That’s good news for you. The Grant pays for two-thirds of all training costs, including required software and materials per employee up to $10,000.  Best of all, they will also reimburse employers an additional $2,500 for paying their employee during the training Read more [...]
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Develop Your Business with Free Government Funding

Did you know that there are a ton of funding available through government grants for businesses in Ontario that are looking to scale up? You would be stunned at the amount of free money that is sitting around, waiting for you to claim it. For all of these grants, the goal is to demonstrate that by receiving this funding, you would be improving your systems and processes to generate jobs, increase revenue or develop the Canadian workforce. The grants that are available for growing businesses Read more [...]
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3 Essential Do’s and Don’ts For Entry Level Jobs

Congratulations. You graduated! You slaved away for years in post-secondary schooling, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. You then spent a few months interning, taking little to no pay in whatever entry level jobs you could get your hands on. You cut your teeth, leverage your meager experience, put on a big smile in the interview and get the payoff: your first real job. Sound familiar? I recently went through this very same process, and along the way, I learned a few things Read more [...]
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[Infographic] 30 Cunning Ways to Get Hypnotic With Your Landing Pages

Want to know how to hypnoticize your audience on your landing pages? Check out our newest infographic on how to create Hypnotic Landing Pages. Click on the image to view it full size! You might be asking: What is hypnotic copywriting? How can you apply it? How can you hypnoticize an e-mail to get a higher click through rate? “Hypnotic copywriting is intentionally using words that guide people into a focused mental state where they are inclined to buy your product or service.” Some Read more [...]
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