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I Want To Take Advantage of the Canada Job Grant But I Don’t Yet Qualify – What Can I Do?

The Canada Job Grant is an amazing new government initiative. At its core, its mandate is to increase the value of our Canadian workforce by funding various skills development training programs.

However, as we’ve been paying close attention to how this program is unfolding, unfortunately not everyone qualifies. And of course, this sets up a challenge for small business owners who want to qualify but don’t, and therefore “the fear of missing out” prompts them to seek immediate answers.

Many business people have proclaimed to us sincere disappointment at not being able to take advantage of the Canada Job Grant. So in response, we’ve put together a list of the common reasons you might not qualify and what you can do about it.


The Top 10 Reasons You Don’t

Yet Qualify for the Canada Job

Grant and How to Go About

Fixing It


I’m The Founder Of My Own 1-Person


To qualify for the Canada Job Grant you’ll need to have at least 1 employee on payroll.

The solution on how to qualify is pretty simple, hire someone and pay them minimum wage. This will allow you to access all sorts of funding including the Canada Job Grant. Did you know that one of the main reasons why the Canada Job Grant exists is to create jobs? Therefore, why not create a job?

If you put your new employee on CPP and EI, you will immediately qualify and can send them to take our training. You can even make their offer of full time employment conditional upon completion of their training, like the Digital Marketing and Sales Certification.

How do you pay for your new employee? Well actually, there are hiring grants available for your small business; some that pay up to 4 months of their salary or half of an intern’s salary.

There are grant service providers who will help you recruit a qualified candidate through colleges. It is definitely easier than you may realize to get a new employee on staff.

Click here to speak with our small business consultant.


I Am Part of a Business Partnership

and Neither of Us Is On Salary:

It’s actually fairly simple to restructure and put one of you on payroll, even if that salary is minimum wage.

Think about it; you already likely pull dividends from the company for your living expenses. So, all you need to do is estimate, on the low end, what you need to live and pay that or less in salary to yourself. Deduct CPP and EI from your “minimum wage” and you now qualify for the Canada Job Grant program. You can still take out dividends and profit from the company.


I Don’t Think Anyone on My Team Is

Currently Qualified to Take the Training

I’m Most Interested In:

It’s certainly preferable to have the right people and obviously tough when you don’t.

There has never been a better time in the history of Canada to create jobs in your small business. In today’s information-based economy you quickly learn that either you grow, or you die. And, if you don’t take this Job Grant opportunity and to grow your company, there’s a good chance your competitors will.

You should always be spending more time working “on” your business rather than “in” it. If you are working “IN” your business, you have a job. It’s difficult to grow if you are always working “in” your business. If you are working “on” your business, you are creating jobs and building a company that you can sell, or pass on to your heirs. Working “on” your business is key to building your legacy.

This grant money is literally a gift from our government and there has never been a better time for small business owners to engage in the retraining process.

The biggest request that we get in this office for our training is the Digital Marketing and Sales Certification. So you can imagine that there are many companies who do not feel they have someone in their office qualified to take that level of marketing course.

Do you have an administrator, or a sales representative who has been with you for some time who knows the ins and outs of your business? Someone who knows your product, your service, your core values, and has already bought into your vision? Employees like this are definitely worth investing in.

Alternatively you could always hire someone new. The general rule is that it will take 3 months before you see an ROI on a new employee. It’s usually a bigger investment to hire new people, but it is also an investment in growing your company and with that comes huge benefits.


I Hire Sub-Contractors Only and Do Not

Have Any Employees:

If someone is working for your company in a contract-based capacity, you may want to put them on payroll.

Here’s why:

  1. If you are the only client for your subcontractor, by CRA standards, they should be on payroll.
  2. If they are using your computers, working in your premises, and you are choosing their hours, by CRA standards, they should be on payroll.
  3. If you have a standing agreement, where you are not requiring them to submit detailed invoices each time they work with your company, they should be on payroll.

If you need another reason to put your subcontractors on payroll, think of the billion dollars in funding available for you to access. Even if you make use of $20K of it, it’s your money to access.

Payroll is easy to set up. It takes a few minutes. Simply ask your bookkeeper or accountant to set this up for you. While they’re at it, consider this: is your accountant on payroll?

The number one reason to put someone on payroll is that your company becomes eligible for government funding! This is money that you do not have to pay back.

By definition, a grant is a sum of money given by an organization, especially a government, for a particular purpose. In this case, we are talking about stimulus money. This is how the government is helping stimulate the economy. Canada is investing heavily in small business.

Rolling a subcontractor into an employee could mean that you can take advantage of this stimulus money.

All you have to do is demonstrate that you have (1) one employee on payroll at the time of the training.

Remember that in order to qualify, the government wants to see one of three things:

  • you’re creating a job,
  • you’re giving someone a salary hike,
  • or you are avoiding layoffs.

The government wants to see an ROI on their investment. How do they measure that? They want to see that by investing in your company, they are improving the Canadian economy.

Just keep in mind that this is a person you are investing in. Even if you start your employee part time, you may see your investment flourish into something that is worthy of a full time commitment. Training is key.


I Am the Business Owner and I Want to

Take the Training Myself, but the

Job Grant Won’t Cover That:

You might be thinking, “I really want the business intelligence for myself.” You are not alone. It’s common for the boss to want to stay in the know. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t qualify for this training grant because the mandate of the grant is to train employees.

The good news is, there are 2 ways that you and your new employee can both attend.

  • Customized Training: This is completely customized training focused on your business’ specific needs which takes place at your company facilities or ours. In this case, while the government will not pay your tuition as the business owner it will pay for your employees’ tuition and you can attend the training with them.
  • Livestream Training: All of our training courses are broadcast via the Internet. To participate as the business owner, simply apply on behalf of one of your employees for the Canada Job Grant. When they log in to the live stream courses you can participate with them. The government program will not pay for your training tuition but at least you can attend and learn.


I Don’t Have a BIN or CRA Number:

If you are a self-employed service provider or freelancer working out of your home, you may be operating without a designated Business Identification Number. If you want to grow your business, and take on any staff, you need to register your business.

A BIN number is actually very easy to get. All you have to do is fill out this form. You can then submit it by phone, mail or fax. For more information, check out the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.


I Don’t Have $2 Million in

Liability Insurance:

If you are operating out of your home or small office you should have small business insurance with at least $1 Million in general liability. That’s pretty much common sense. Did you know that in 98% of all cases, your house insurance will not cover your small business or your home office? As you begin to scale up your business you will need to bump up your liability.

To qualify for the Canada Job Grant you will need at least $2 million in liability insurance. For small businesses this will cost you about $400 per year depending on the sector that you work in.

It’s a simple fix. Call your insurance company today and make it happen.


I Can’t Afford To Hire More Staff:

This is one of the main objections that we hear from businesses all the time. My first response to that is: how can you possibly grow your business without more help? Of course you may not want to grow your business and if you don’t then I suppose that’s okay, but in this economy as I said before, either you grow or you die. The choice is yours.

There are grants which will pay the salaries of new hires up to $16 per hour? And they will pay this for the first several months of them working for you! Other grants allows you to have interns, and will pay 50% of their salary. Transition now, and hire now while the funding is available.

Depending on the sector you are in, you might be stunned at the amount of funding that is available to you. That, coupled with the training grants, can make it easy for you to bring in new staff, and seamlessly integrate them in your business.

Click here to speak with our small business consultant.


I Don’t Have the Time It Takes To Go

Through the Process of Getting Qualified

and Getting Grant Money:

If you don’t have time, I’m sorry, this is not for you. These opportunities are for the business owners who can take action on rare opportunities.

There has never been a more exciting time to be in business and to learn how to grow your business. Think about it. The government is basically saying, “Hey, we will take on 50% risk for your new hire, we’ll pay for them,” and, “We’ll take up to 83% of the risk for your training costs, we’ll pay for it.”

If you cannot see the benefit to learning new skills and bolstering the skills of your workforce within your company, then there’s very little that anyone can do for you. And while that might seem harsh, I can state with utter certainty that in this highly technological and information-based economy, you’ll need to learn everything you can to compete with those that do seize the opportunities that are right in front of you. And if they seize them first, you miss out.


The Government Will Only Pay Up To

83.3% of the Training I Don’t Want To

Spend 16.7%:

I get that you want to hold onto every penny that you earn and that you likely see training as an expense rather than investment. But quite frankly, that thinking means that you do not understand your business.

People who think like that have businesses that are not real. Businesses who thrive and prosper are businesses that are continuously investing in new ways of doing things. If things always stayed the same then you wouldn’t have to but that’s not the world we live in.

Click here to speak with our small business consultant.



Infusionsoft Canada: 8 Reasons to Get Infusionsoft & Have the Canadian Government Pay for It

Before Infusionsoft made its way into our own marketing and sales systems, we really had no real discernible way to tell if our digital marketing was paying off.  The Infusionsoft automated marketing and sales system was, admittedly, difficult to adopt and learn in the beginning.  But as we dove deeper into it we realized that it was more complicated than we had imagined. Luckily, it turned out that complicated can be good.  Even though life in our office was simpler before Infusionsoft, at least for a while, we got used to it and now…?  Let’s just say we couldn’t live without it.

We’ve learned a lot since those early days of implementation (just a few short years ago) and without a doubt Infusionsoft is now the biggest workhorse in our company.  It churns out leads and sales 24/7 and gives us the data that we need to make our advertising decisions.

Infusionsoft Canada

Infusionsoft Canada

However the biggest problem that we see with companies that try Infusionsoft is that they really don’t know how to use it.  It’s a complicated machine that needs constant attention to detail.  And without a solid digital marketing and sales background it’s even tougher.  It’s an automation monster that needs a steady stream of new leads to function properly.  So, if you don’t know how to generate leads and build your core list, then Infusionsoft is like an expensive toy that sits in the closet collecting dust.

In the past few years we have invested a lot of time and hard work into developing an extensive, advanced understanding of Infusionsoft and how it can revolutionize your business. And from that knowledge we’ve put together our top 8 reasons to get going on it right away.  Enjoy!


#8 ~ Because You Can Custom Design Your Desired Outcome

Pick Your Winning Play

Custom Design Your Desired Outcome

When guests show up at your party, you likely have a preset plan to direct them to where you want them to go. For example: You likely want them to come in by the front door, walk down the hall, grab a drink in the kitchen and take a comfortable seat on the back porch.

Your pre-designed plan was to choose the point of entry, pick the route through the house, custom design the experience along the way and choose the proper outcome ie: pick a chair to sit down in on the deck.

If you were to translate this experience into marketing terms you would pick the entry point on your website (where you capture the visitor’s data), customize the experience with various stopping off pages and then choose the desired outcome ie: buy a product, register for a webinar or even download a report.

Infusionsoft allows you to automate this entire journey.  With it you can control the entry point, design the route and predetermine the outcome.  But what if they wander off your desired path and stray into your bedroom?  You can custom-design other plays to account for that.  It will automatically reel them back in and encourages them to get back on track. It’ll even send automated invitations to encourage future increased interaction between your and your “guests.”

As you grow, you can adjust all your routes, entries, exits and experiences without having to build an entirely new plan every time. And with the data that Infusionsoft gathers about your customers’ entries, exists, stopping off points etc., you can now create a better overall customer experience which in turn creates more sales.


#7 ~ Because You Have a Diverse Customer Base


Infusionsoft Segments Customers

If you think again briefly about the the analogy above, even though you want your adult guests to come through the front door, you  may want your kids and their 10 friends to use the side-door.  And, if you have a the furnace repair guy scheduled at the same time, he could use the garage door which then leads to the basement. And the dog probably uses the back door exclusively.

Infusionsoft handles leads the same way you plan for people who show up during your party. Not everyone needs or wants the same experience. Begin each play by segmenting your audiences and plan their experiences accordingly.

For example:  We segment our clients based on whether they have employees or not.  If they are a solopreneur, they need different information and expertise than a company with 30 employees. Infusionsoft allows us to segment right off the bat and send fresh information that is targeted to the user. Therefore, based on a simple radio option, everyone gets to choose their journey and customized experience. You really need to think about how this could affect your business.

If you’re sending out generic one-size-fits-all e-blasts or newsletters to your entire audience, you could be bleeding high-profile clients. And if their only interaction with you is when you try to sell them the special of the month, they may come to see you as a discount store.

Generic content does not work for all of your clients. You need to position your communications differently fo your various demographics. If you do this you could have an easier time reeling in bigger fish.  Consider the 80/20 rule. 80% of your business usually comes from 20% of your clients. Casting a wide net might catch more fish, but more fish doesn’t always equate to more meat.


#6 ~ Because You Will Become A Mentalist

Become A Mentalist

Become A Mentalist

Imagine having an extensive and comprehensive profile of your leads before you get them on the phone.  The Infusionsoft tagging system, coupled with custom fields, when setup properly, can give you tremendous insight into what they’ve read, watched, viewed, avoided, actions they’ve taken or not taken and of course, the things they’ve already purchased.

The mentalist system can automatically measure if you’re dealing with a passive lead or a hot lead.  You can look at his/her interests, use these touch points as leverage, and get them over the tipping point to the big sale. Even if they opt-out because they didn’t like one email, you can still use this list to re-target them with Facebook, Linkedin or Google Adwords.  Armed with the right information, it’s a sure bet that you’ll find a way to get them back..

Infusionsoft is a complete data-mining and customer behavioral marketing system. The more information that you collect from your prospect, the easier it will be to close them.

#5 ~ Because It Automates Your Appointments

Infusionsoft Automation

Infusionsoft Automation

You’re going to love how Infusionsoft integrates with products like AppointmentCore so that your customers can book their own appointments. We’ve done extensive A/B testing on this and purchased thousands of dollars in PPC ads.

In one recent test, we gave people the option to call us vs having people book their own appointment.   On the very fist day we had 2 inbound calls. However, the same amount of traffic generated 6 appointments via the automation.  Between the 8 leads we had a total of 3 qualified clients, which resulted in one close at $10,000. Not bad for a test.  So, we retooled and rolled it out with a wicked campaign that included Linkedin ads as well.

Think about it. It’s not too bad a day when you have a couple of appointments booked and you didn’t do anything except set it up one time.


#4 ~ Because Metrics Matter

Infusionsoft Metrics Dashboard

Infusionsoft Metrics Dashboard

The above  image is a real time screenshot of one area of our Infusionsoft Dashboard. This is important because it allows you to know for each specific automated campaign where your leads are at any time.  For example this Dashboard tells us up-to-date information about; where leads are coming from, demographics, how many have booked appointments, how many have completed their applications etc…

The Infusionsoft system allows decision makers to know what’s happening in your business based on customizable dashboards which pull valuable and concise information from your often varied and complex campaigns.

Imagine knowing the following information at a glance:

  • From which source the lead came from (Google, Facebook, etc)
  • How many of the leads converted into a sales call
  • Which rep is taking care of the sales call
  • If they’ve closed or not.
  • If they didn’t close… why not?
  • Where the system sent the lead, either to a new bucket or nurture campaign.

Armed with this information you can; determine where to spend your advertising dollars, enhance current campaigns to make them work better or even customize new campaigns based on the information you mine.


#3 ~ Because the Infusionsoft Lifecycle Marketing Philosophy Rocks

Infusionsoft Philosophy

Infusionsoft Philosophy

It happens to all business owners: You and your team work really hard to make the sale and then you are gone – virtually disappearing from the customer’s life. You sold them something and now you’ve evaporated.  “Where did you go?” they ask themselves. This hurts your brand image, and makes it more difficult for you to establish customer loyalty.

If you have a lot of customers, then we can certainly appreciate how time-consuming it is to service them and show each of them the love and appreciation they believe they deserve.  Whether you are a product-based company or a service-based company, you will find that the number #1 reason your customers buy from you, is you.

But what are you doing to make them feel special after the sale is completed? Sure, you try your best to stay on top of the conversation but we both know you probably could do a much better job of it.

Infusionsoft is not only a great tool to nuture the customer until they buy, it’s really great at follow-up communications after they buy.  For example: you could automate their entire on-boarding process or keep in touch with them with relevant information pertaining to their purchases. It also sends out birthday cards, webinar reminders or even creates tasks reminding you to make phone calls.

Imagine setting up nurture campaigns that keep your clients happy  and encourage them to re-order or refer you to a friend. This could be as simple sequence of emails to make certain your deserving clients know you’re thinking of them.  All of these types of nurture campaigns are designed to make your client feel special and important. It also “helps you stay top-of-mind before your competition has a chance to move in.”

#2 ~ Because For Us There Is No Real Infusionsoft Alternative

No Infusionsoft Alternative

No Infusionsoft Alternative

Imagine you are the captain of a stranded boat in the middle of a giant ocean. The sea has kicked up big time and with your safety threatened and with limited resources you only have two options: fix the boat or die.

Unfortunately this scenario represents far too many businesses. We see it all the time; company’s that are barely holding on to their market share because they forget the number one rule of business: GROW or DIE!

If you are not constantly updating your business’ systems and processes, especially in these highly technically times, then make no mistake about it, you will eventually die.  Growth is the one constant of highly successful companies.

If you are the CEO your goal is to constantly anticipate rough seas and build better systems to weather the storm.

While some CEO’s might choose simpler automation systems like aWeber vs Infusionsoft, Constant Contact vs Infusionsoft, MailChimp vs Infusionsoft or other CRMs, in our experience we have found Infusionsoft to be the most powerful tool that allows our business and our client’s businesses to grow with them.  It’s the ability to scale with the business that makes it powerful.

Think of it as a systems and processes machine for your business: everything you need to coordinate your back end, track your metrics and automate your sales.


#1 ~ Because of “FREE (Do you Qualify?) Canadian Infusionsoft Pricing”


The #1 reason to get Infusionsoft from us at Training Business Pros, is that you may qualify to have the Government of Canada actually pay for it. All of this beautiful digital marketing automation and the training you need to get the most out of it may actually be covered by a Canadian Business Grant.  Really!

In Canada, there is currently over 1 Billion Dollars available in this particular grant fund.  This can cover your Digital Marketing & Sales Certification Course which covers everything to do with Infusionsoft and digital marketing.  But it also covers customized implementation and training specifically for your company alone. You can access up to $10,000 per employee to cover the cost of their training and Infusionsoft.

Training Business Pros has the highest designation and accreditation from Infusionsoft: “Trusted Advisor.” But we are also “Certified Partners.”

When you purchase from us, you also are guaranteed to pay in Canadian dollars which is a significant savings when compared to the typical US Dollar Infusionsoft Pricing. The major gain for you there is that the conversion rate fluctuates, while we give you a fixed rate. At the time this blog was written (March 9, 2015), we are the ONLY company in Canada to offer Infusionsoft training and Infusionsoft Pricing in Canadian dollars.  This is a fixed monthly rate which will remain the same even if the Canadian dollar takes an even greater nose-dive.

Does all this make sense for your company? Then your next step is to…

Book a 15-minute phone consultation with our in-house small business expert and find out more about how Infusionsoft can help to grow your company and how you can get it paid for through the Canadian Government.

Book Your 15 Minute Appointment

Need to talk to Nick Longo, our in-house small business advisor?  Call Nick at 416-444-7767.


Save yourself a million dollars!

Infusionsoft can help protect you from Canada’s Anti Spam Laws. A marketer was recently hit with a $1,000,000 fine for their marketing. Use Infusionsoft to ensure your marketing is CASL-compliant.

Infusionsoft can ensure your clients are authorizing you to email them, that you have the proper unsubscribe protocol attached to every email you end and that you only send people information that they have requested. Best of all, it gives you a dashboard where you can track your clients’ email preferences, so you can prove you are compliant if you were ever questioned.

Book your phone consult to find out more.

Using Suggestology

suggestology cover

Imagine reading something that has you choosing to miss your bus stop, just so you can sit and finish a chapter, even though you know you’ll have to walk three blocks back the way you came in a snowstorm.

Have you ever had one of those aha-inducing, life-changing moments? When I started working for Training Business Pros, I read Brain Dead Offer #1, and the way that I thought about marketing shifted dramatically. However, it was a couple of months before I picked up Suggestology.

When I did, I was floored.  BDO#1 changed the way I thought about business, but Suggestology changed the way that I thought about life. The book is on how you can get what you want by asking the right questions. It affected the way I approach my everyday dealings with people. I often find myself pausing, and shifting my speech to a more “Suggestology-esque” approach.

My favorite quote comes from Chapter 23: Leadership. Paul wrote:

“How do you create the perception of leadership if you have never been considered a leader before? Does someone come along and tap you on the shoulder and say, “Tag—you’re a leader now?” No. You must create that perception yourself. Yes, you will get a lot of help along the way if you take on this responsibility, but you’re the one who must begin the process.”

As someone who has grappled with the challenges of being a leader throughout my life, I found it fascinating to have it put in this context. I had done a lot of reading on leadership, and always found that it was something that was “entrusted” to you. However, that’s really a middle-management way of thinking. Someone above you trusts you to lead those already under them.

True leadership, however, comes from deliberate creation. A true leader inspires others to follow, and offers their followers a chance to share in their ability to do, be, or see more.

I asked Paul if he would mind me sharing a chapter of Suggestology with you, so you can see what I mean. You can view it at the link below.


You can also purchase the book here.

Happy reading.

Canada Ontario Job Grant – 5 Really Easy Ways That Your Business Can Access Government Funding

The Canadian Government is starved for businesses to give away over a billion dollars in training money.  This article will help you understand more about the grant, who qualifies and how you can get help immediately.

Canada Ontario Job Grant

Canada Ontario Job Grant


Every single year you and I have to pay taxes…

Well at least I think you do. It’s a really good idea to pay taxes for a number of reasons: not the least of which is all the services that we get back from our government that make our lives better. Some really obvious examples are; universal health care, roads and other public services, our education system and a whole bunch of other stuff we’d really rather not think about or get billed for.

If you don’t like paying taxes, or you think you pay too much taxes try to think about it this way; a friend of mine, actually my own personal accountant told me that the amount of taxes that you pay is a pretty good indicator of how much money you make. So the more taxes you pay, the more money you make. So if you’re worried about the amount of taxes you pay ,then just go ahead and make more money! If you’re not paying any taxes than that’s a pretty good indicator that you’re not making much money. We all have to do our part and as they say: the only two certainties in life are death and taxes.

I think it’s a really good idea from time to time to start thinking about other places that you can get some of your tax dollars back, or to put them to work for you. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to access money that can really help you?

That’s why I think the new Canada Ontario Job Grant is a fantastic program. Over the next six years there will be $192 million dollars dispersed through this fund to businesses to help increase the skills of the Canadian workforce. It’s a pretty simple concept really: if you want to earn more, then learn more. Especially in today’s data-driven, technology-based world, if your company wants to thrive then it’s not a good idea to bury your head in the sand and let the world of information and technology pass you by.

Are you still with me? I’ll get to the 5 ways to spend your share of a billion dollars in a moment….

My own company has received thousands of dollars from this fund to train our team on everything from first aid to leadership training. All you have to do is get a little creative and start thinking about the things that you, as the business owner or as the employee, could learn to increase productivity, save on your bottom line, build a highly skilled workforce or anything else that you can think of to make your company stronger. Those that continue the learning process will continue to thrive, those that do not will whither and die.

If you are not familiar with the Canada Ontario job grant and you do not know where to start or if you’re simply looking for more information, here are the top 5 places in Ontario that I’ve chosen to help you get started or simply to answer all your questions. It’s really nice to get a little help isn’t it?

Here are the TOP 5 Places in Ontario to help you spend your share of a billion dollars.

#5. The YMCA of Greater Toronto

The YMCA of Greater Toronto

The YMCA of Greater Toronto

For as long as I can remember the YMCA has been providing individuals and families incredible resources to learn how to swim, discover the outdoors, educate us on lifestyle issues and a whole range of other services that have enriched our lives. I myself first learned to swim at the YMCA in Brantford Ontario and my own son attended day camps in the summertime.

But did you also know that the YMCA administers several federal provincial and municipal funded programs. It works with a range of national organizations and gives a wide variety of government-funded employment and community services.

It is also a service provider for the Canada Ontario Job Grant. And it works directly with the Ministry Of Ontario’s Training Colleges and Universities. The YMCA’s mandate is to act as a go-between for you to apply for, and get approved for your share of the grant.

Our company Training Business Pros has worked directly with the YMCA to approve dozens of applications. They are simply a phone call away and are seriously committed to getting training funds directly into the hands of companies who need it.

#4. Springboard



Springboard is a registered charitable organization that helps the community in multiple ways to improve quality of life. It helps people develop skills they need to connect to their communities, find new opportunity, overcome roadblocks and even just to get inspired to reach full potential.

It provides services free of charge in areas of employment, justice, development services and community learning. And just like the YMCA it acts as a service provider for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.

As their website says, they connect people to possibilities and they’ve been doing it for over 40 years. How many organizations do you know that have lasted for over four years? They must be doing something right.

#3. JVS

JVS Toronto

JVS Toronto

JVS is another nonprofit organization in Toronto who provides career and employment services for job seekers and employers. They’ve been doing it for over 65 years and last year helped over 21,000 people. If you ask me that’s a lot of people.

They have nine  locations in Ontario to serve you. They also provide customized services for career planning, counseling and do evaluations and assessments for children and adults. They also act as a service provider for the Canada Ontario Job Grant. They have a long list of partners and sponsors who provide funding to their organization to keep it running smoothly. Some of their sponsors include Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, KPMG, Bank of Montréal and a host of other donators.

#2. The Center For Education And Training


The Centre for Education and Training

The Centre for Education and Training

The Center For Education And Training or TCET has a solid track record of working with volunteer organizations and just flat out supporting the community. They work with organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross, Sick Kids Foundation, Daily Bread Food Bank and The CIBC Run For The Cure.

And according to their website they also assist employers with their Canada Ontario Job Grant applications.

#1. Mentorworks



Mentorworks is an independently owned and operated company in Toronto that provides seminars and information for a multitude of government grants. They have a proven track record of helping companies and individuals apply for and get approved for millions of dollars in government funding. When you check out their website, you’d be surprised at how many grants there actually are out there. Mentorworks helps show you how you can access some of that money.

We recently held a seminar in our offices for businesses who want to learn about all the different ways that they can access government funding to help grow their businesses. This of course includes the Canada Ontario Job Grant. They are experts in the application process and will guide you through every facet of your application and help you qualify.

Some of the applications for the various grant programs are extremely long and very few companies want to take the time to do it that’s where Mentorworks comes in. They put in applications on a daily basis for dozens of companies and truly know their stuff. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to learn about funding programs and how you can get some of your own tax dollars working for you I would suggest stopping by their website to see the many things that they do.


While it’s a good idea to check out all of the above five resources there is another way which is just as easy. You can talk to us. We at Training Business Pros are also experts in getting your application completed and approved for the Canada Ontario Job Grant.

We have administered hundreds of thousands of dollars of the job grant fund and have a 100% success rate to date for getting companies approved. The real reason why you might want to work with us directly is that we are extremely motivated to help you succeed in your business.

We not only help you get funding but we do the highest level of skills training in the entire country. Think about it this way: if your business needs to increase the skills of its workforce or you as the company owner need to increase your own skills then you’re probably looking for the highest quality training possible.

But you’re also probably thinking about the amount of time that it takes to send your employees for training or to take the training yourself. That’s why we are very good at what we do. Using advanced and accelerated learning methods our  goal is to get you in for two or three days at a time so that it does not interfere with your work schedule. I mean really are you going to send your employees back to college or university? Probably not. You would probably expect your employees to have attended those institutions before coming to you.

Are colleges and universities really the best place to get training?

But let’s be quite frank: do our colleges and universities provide your employees with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to compete in today’s information-based economy? Maybe. But what you can be assured of is that our company, Training Business Pros, never rests on what worked yesterday. We are constantly upgrading our own skills in areas such as advanced digital marketing, marketing automation, sales skills, presentation skills, leadership growth and a host of others.

LinkedIn Testimonials

Canada Job Grant LinkedIn Testimonials

One thing that clearly sets us apart as a training institution versus most colleges, universities and other training companies. We do not teach based on things we learn. We first implement, get measurable results and then teach our systems, processes and solutions to you. We don’t teach from textbooks and we don’t do case studies unless it is directly related to creating measurable and proven results. For example: our Digital Marketing and Sales Certification Course is easily the highest caliber of digital marketing training in the entire country of Canada. Why is that? Because we practice what we teach.

The Digital Marketing and Sales Certification Course is a 96 hour program over the course of six-months that will help you learn the four key areas of digital marketing that are currently working wonders for the businesses who employ these tactics. Those four areas are: massive targeted traffic generation, traffic to lead conversion mechanisms, lead to consult or leads to close automation, and the smartest most effective content delivery systems available.

Does your company need more sales?

Then might I suggest you contact us as soon as possible and find out how we can train you or your employees to meet the demands of today’s highly competitive business environment. And the good part is: we’ll get you the funding to pay for it.

Need More Resources?

[FREE WEBINAR] How the New Canada Ontario Job Grant affects Employers and Employee

To see if your business qualifies for up to $10,000 per employee in training grants please click this link.





[Infographic] The Image Slider Myth and What To Do Instead

**This blogpost is based on a recent webinar on sliders where I walk gold members through exactly why sliders don’t work and how to implement new strategies. Even giving you a few tools to make it so you can do it yourself, no web designer needed! PUSH HERE to find out more about Gold Membership. You will have complete access to the entire gold member archive when you join for the year.

-Melodie Moore

Are you one of the many business owners or website administrators who has fallen prey to the image slider myth?

Until recently, web design “gurus” have promoted the use of sliders on homepages. Unfortunately, it’s recently been discovered that nothing kills your conversion ratings better than using an image slider.

Why do people use sliders?

They look slick. So slick in fact that we installed one on the new website. However when re-designing the Training Business Pros website we are not only not doing a slider but also going back and taking it off the website.

Why are we so against sliders?

They are everywhere online right now just check out any theme directory website and you can’t help but trip over them over and over again. They look great, but you know what we love more than looking great?


That’s what it comes down to. I fell madly in love with all the fantastic sliding in and out and spin etc but NOTHING beats effectiveness no matter how great it looks.

There are very few things the online community (marketers, conversion specialists, usability experts etc) agree on and this is one of them.

Using an image slider WILL hurt your conversion rates. (How many people take the action you want them to take. IE opt in to your list, buy a product etc)
Why don’t they work?

  • Banner blindness or in-attentional blindness is when someone fails to recognize unexpected stimulus in plain sight. You would be stunned at how much you don’t notice when you are focusing in on something else. Essentially this means that when you don’t expect something to happen your mind ignores the stimulus and scrolls down or navigates away.
  • More often than not sliders don’t translate well to mobile.
  • They push content down and hurt your google ranking (google likes when the content is at the top of the page).
  • They water down your message.

Too Many Messages Equals No Message: People can’t focus on any one thing long enough to be convinced to do something about it.


The Numbers Just Don’t Lie…

If 500 people go to your website, typically you’ll have 5 people click on that slider. 3.5 of those will click on the first image slider. (That’s less than 1%)

From a conversion standpoint we are looking for at least 5 – 30%.


Something has to change.


What to do instead:

Here are a few examples of what you can do instead.


The Call To Action:

slider 1

The Opt-In:

slider 2


The Choose Your Journey: slider 3



If You Must Use A Slider (and don’t say I didn’t warn you)…

  • Give the user COMPLETE control (no automation)
  • Showcase options and keep then in the same context
  • SIMPLE not overwhelming
  • Don’t let the slide dominate the page
  • Make the call the action on each the same or similar
  • Don’t highlight special deals or offers or try to convert

Want to join us live for all of our upcoming webinars? Join our Gold Membership and access 2 monthly webinars, exclusive discounts on our events, members-only call in hours, and much more! Click here to find out more.




The Canada Ontario Job Grant and How to Put It To Work For Your Business

Did you know that the Federal and Provincial Governments just released a billion dollars to develop the skills of the Canadian workforce through the Ontario Job Grant? Their biggest problem? Finding workers and companies to invest in. That’s good news for you.

The Grant pays for two-thirds of all training costs, including required software and materials per employee up to $10,000.  Best of all, they will also reimburse employers an additional $2,500 for paying their employee during the training period.


How the Ontario Job Grant Benefits Employees:

Are you hoping for a promotion? Want to be an indispensable part of your company’s A-Team?

Here’s a simple step-by-step process that will set you on track to carving out your niche within your company.

  • Choose a skill that would make you more valuable to your employer.
  • Find a training program covered by the Ontario Job Grant to help you cultivate that skill.
  • Have your employer read this article, which will convince them to apply for the grant.
  • Put the skills you’ve developed into place, and boost your production within your company.
  • Ask for a raise.

How the Ontario Job Grant Benefits Employers:

How would you feel about making more money than you did last year? One of the few things that the most successful CEO’s agree on is that you can’t do it all yourself: the key to a successful business is a strong team.

Can you think of someone on your team who, with a little training, could be a rockstar in your company?

Consider this: There is no such thing as the perfect employee. The good news is, thanks to the Ontario Job Grant, you can perfect them.

All of the training that is covered by the grant is practical, career-focused, and aimed at developing a more highly-skilled workforce.

Regardless of their role in the company whether it is  drawing in new business, converting your leads into sales, improving your processes or presenting in front of a large group, they would likely benefit from having their skills polished through programs subsidized by the Ontario Job Grant.

So what’s the bad news? You’ll probably have to pay them more. But with their improved skills, they’ll be bringing in more money for your company, and you’ll be able to afford it!

Find out which training is right for you:

Digital Marketing & Sales Certification:

5 intensive training modules on digital marketing strategy using interactive channels to data mine, build a tribe or community around a brand, service or product and convert leads into sales.

Train the Trainer 3-Day Certification:

Start your journey on the road to success as a trainer.

Online Profit Secrets 2-Day Certification:

Infusionsoft training and implementation starts here. Learn how to build email campaigns, nurture sequences, conversion hacks and much more.

Digital Team Integration Certification:

Have our team spend two complete days assisting your team in a complete digital marketing make-over and train your team on how to use your new automated sales machine.

Sales Management Certification:

2-Day intensive training for sales management to improve team ROI.

CEO & Leadership Training Certification:

Different personality types produce different management styles. Learn from a Top-Tier CEO how to put your personal skills to use and become an effective leader for your business.

Hypnotic Copywriting Certification:

Develop your copywriting skills to aim them at digital conversions, opt-in, sales pages and emails.

For more information on our other certifications, contact the TBP team at 416-444-7767.



Develop Your Business with Free Government Funding

Did you know that there are a ton of funding available through government grants for businesses in Ontario that are looking to scale up? You would be stunned at the amount of free money that is sitting around, waiting for you to claim it.

For all of these grants, the goal is to demonstrate that by receiving this funding, you would be improving your systems and processes to generate jobs, increase revenue or develop the Canadian workforce.

The grants that are available for growing businesses can be broken up into three key categories: Hiring & Training Grants, Manufacturing Grants and Business Expansion Grants. Check out the list below to see how much you can qualify for:

Hiring & Training Grants:

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Would someone on your team might benefit from sales, leadership, public speaking or marketing training? Do you think your business might benefit from having someone who is highly skilled in any of those fields?

If you’re an Ontario-based business with two or more employees, you likely qualify for up to $10,000 PER EMPLOYEE for training covered by the COJG. All provinces, other than Quebec, have similar funding programs available.

FedDev Ontario Payroll Subsidy

Are you a manufacturer with 10 or more employees? There is a grant that will pay 25-50% of your payroll to a maximum of a $50,000. You must be an Ontario-based manufacturer who exports your product internationally.

Co-op Tax Credit

Want to hire a highly-educated post-secondary student for a co-op placement? The government will provide funding for 25-30% of their salary up to $3000 per semester!

Summer Jobs Placement

Looking to bring in a summer student to add some youthful energy to your office? Apply for this grant to receive 50% of minimum wage for any new employees between 15 & 29 years of age.

Youth Employment Fund

$6800 in payroll subsidy and $1000 in training can be yours to offset the training associated with hiring a young employee without practical work experience. There is also no limit to the number of new hires your can apply for!

Digital Skills Youth Internship

Want to hire an intern? Pay them $16/hour for a job involving digital technology skills and you can have their entire short term placement covered by a grant!

Manufacturing Grants:

Accelerated Review Process through IRAP

Looking for a massive increase in productivity to implement a new software or a marketing process? $50,000 in funding for 80% of your labour costs and 50% of the cost of hiring sub-contractors can be yours through this project-based grant! You must have 1-500 payroll employees, and have been incorporated for 2 years.

IRAP Research and Development for Mid-Sized Businesses

Planning a new project but need to do some intensive technical research before you get started? This grant will subsidize 65% of the process to a maximum of $140,000.

IRAP Business Innovation Access

Planning a large-scale product optimization? Process development? Market research? Access $50,000 in funding to pay subcontractors for third party research.

NSERC Engage:

Work with highly-skilled Masters and PhD students to find the next cutting-edge avenue for your business. Receive $25,000 in funding to develop new intellectual property for your company.

Business Development:

Export Market Access

Want to tap into international markets? Imagine being paid for a business trip to expand your businesses’ reach. Manufacturers can receive up to $30,000 to showcase their business in tradeshows outside of Canada. This can cover booth costs, flights, lodging, meals competitive research, sale sheets and the creation of exhibits.

Investing in Business Innovation

Are you a startup using funding from a Venture Capitalist? Submit your term sheet and receive 50% from the government on a 0% loan to help you grow your business faster!

CME Smart

Have an idea to improve your manufacturing system? Companies with 15 or more employees can access $100,000 to a max of 35% of your total project cost to revolutionize your production process.


For more information about how to put any of these exciting grants to work for you, or to find out if you qualify Canada-Ontario Job Grant towards our Digital Marketing and Sales Certification, check out

3 Essential Do’s and Don’ts For Entry Level Jobs

Congratulations. You graduated! You slaved away for years in post-secondary schooling, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. You then spent a few months interning, taking little to no pay in whatever entry level jobs you could get your hands on.

You cut your teeth, leverage your meager experience, put on a big smile in the interview and get the payoff: your first real job.

Sound familiar?

I recently went through this very same process, and along the way, I learned a few things that I’d love to share with you:

Don’t resist the fact that it’s not in your job description:

This is especially true in small businesses. When I started one of my first entry-level jobs, I was brought on as a copywriter. I had just finished a copywriting program and that was what I had experience in. Before long, however, my responsibilities had quickly evolved.

Don’t get me wrong, I still write for TBP (even as I say this, that’s what I’m doing). But as time passed my position organically developed. In my first two months, I realized I loved sales.  So the team encouraged me, tasking me with more client relations and sales.  Still involved with copywriting, they put me to the test in web design, human resources, administrative work, data entry, training and fetching coffee.

Here is the opportunity: you get to develop abilities you didn’t know you had. Who knows, you might discover you really enjoy something you initially had no interest in. Don’t define yourself as any one thing until you’re certain you can be the best at it.

Don’t let prior engagements get in the way of your new job:

One of our clients was looking for a writer. I had a friend who I thought would be a perfect fit. He accepted this position without informing his new boss that he had a freelance contract to finish up, before he could really commit to the new position.

When the new boss asked when he would like to start, my friend felt it was totally justified to suggest he start the following week. However, the boss interpreted this differently.  Upon his failure to disclose this important information, it looked like he wasn’t eager about the new job, and this ultimately set him up for failure. In the end, the job dissolved.

The lesson here?

COMMUNICATE. If you have other things going on, be open with your new potential boss up front and try to find a work-around.

Don’t let work consume you:

Leave yourself time to do the things you love. Keep up with your hobbies. Make time to go to the gym. It’s amazing what a little bit of time management can do for you. You will soon come to find that watching a little less TV in the day makes a massive impact on your productivity.

I recently saw Brian Tracy speak at an event we organized. One of his most powerful quotes was that “People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.”

Get your priorities straight. Trust me. You’ll feel better for it.

Do realize that it’s always an adjustment to bring in new staff:

Do you remember how anxious you were on the first day at work? You were probably excited to be starting something new, but there’s always a bit of hesitation about how you’ll fit in.

The person training you probably has the exact same hesitations. They’re probably used to doing a lot of your responsibilities themselves, especially if you’re being hired in a growing company.

What’s the solution? Demonstrate your eagerness to learn. Ask questions. Behave like an “A-player” and be “all in”. It will work wonders in the adjustment process.

Do accept that there’s no such thing as a 9 to 5:

Unless you’re a government or unionized shift worker, you usually won’t be able to predict your exact hours.

“A-players” do not watch the clock. If you want to advance in your company and get a promotion, you’ll have to earn the right.  Roll with the punches! Being willing to stay a little later, or shift from working Monday to a day on the weekend goes a long way in earning cred with the boss.

Do treat everything as a learning experience:

Any entry level jobs allow room for error. You aren’t expected to walk into a CEO position. If you are unsure of how to do something, ask questions. It’s better to have someone take the time to walk you through it once, than for you to sit and struggle for hours to figure it out.

There’s no shame in admitting you are having trouble with something. The nice thing is, it’s only a mistake if you make it twice.

If possible, align yourself with a mentor. Find someone who will hold you accountable for your responsibilities, and coach you when you still have things to learn. It’s the key to becoming successful in any business.

[Infographic] 30 Cunning Ways to Get Hypnotic With Your Landing Pages

Want to know how to hypnoticize your audience on your landing pages?

Check out our newest infographic on how to create Hypnotic Landing Pages.

Click on the image to view it full size!
Hypnotic Landing Pages edited

You might be asking:

  1. What is hypnotic copywriting?
  2. How can you apply it?
  3. How can you hypnoticize an e-mail to get a higher click through rate?

“Hypnotic copywriting is intentionally using words that guide people into a focused mental state where they are inclined to buy your product or service.”

Some people have an overwhelming amount of activities and distractions in their lives. Using hypnotic copywriting on your landing pages can help you cut through the clutter.

How would you describe a fountain pen? In most cases people would describe it like this:

  • A unique metal fountain pen with a built-in message
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Attractive design
  • Replacement ink cartridges
  • Batteries included

These are less than hypnotic ways of selling a pen. Try this:

“Imagine that you had a teensy-weensy masseuse to carry around in your shirt pocket. Any time you desired you could order your tiny masseuse to soothe your tired muscles and rub away your tensions. Now imagine this tiny masseuse had a pen sticking out of its head and ran on batteries.”

While you’re not likely to come across a miniature pen-headed masseuse, here is the next best thing: Introducing the world’s first massaging pen.

Notice the use of Imagery, solving a problem, creating emotion, visualization, anything that activates any of the five senses.

Hypnotic copywriting is salesmanship in print.


Five hypnotic tips that you can use right now to be more effective with your copywriting:

  1. Turn your headline into a question.
  1. Add a testimonial right beneath the headline.

The doors fell off when people rushed in to get their first taste of hypnotic copywriting secrets.
“Paul Tobey’s course gave me some tremendous insights into how I can better sell my products and services through valuable tips on hypnotic copywriting.” Joe Wishter

  1. Add in a hypnotic graphic that is on-strategy.
  1. When you write your content write it beginning with the word “imagine”. Other options include: “Visualize,” “picture yourself,” “try to imagine,” or “think about the first”
  1. Add a buy now button near the top of your webpage above the fold. “Having a buy now button increases your impulse purchases.”


Here are some more general rules about hypnotic copywriting:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Inform people that they are in the right place
  3. Build curiosity so that the only thing that they can imagine themselves doing is continuing to read
  4. Make sure that your writing makes people feel something and that it’s laced with emotion
  5. Use hypnotic connectors: essential, exclusive, ground-breaking, unearth, fascinating, massive, powerful, revolutionary, basic, expert, fast-forward, critical, calculating, skeptical
  6. The concept of metaphor: a metaphor is using words to describe something that people recognize to describe something that they don’t recognize.

E.g. Caffeine is like a loan shark what it lends you in the morning it takes back in the afternoon with interest.

  1. Proof “where do salt trucks for the city of Mississauga go when they need rustproofing?
  2. WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?
  3. If you’ve got a targeted audience use the Roundup formula. What is the Roundup formula? Call your targeted audience by name.
  4. ?’s are important to draw your reader in.
  5. 5W1H there are six marketing brothers who served me well and true. Their names are what and where and when and why and how and who.
  6. If …. Then… If you have this resource or time or money then you will get this…
  7. FREE, YOU
  8. “Punctuation!!!” It’s important to use it, and use it correctly.
  9. Think of the word computer, tree, stars, sky or pen. With each word, you will find it draws an image to your mind. This proves that people think in pictures.
  10. Formatting: Keep it clean. Keep it uniform.
  11. Yeah… Sure! “Never make your claim bigger than your proof.”
  12. Popular Phrases
  13. Color
  14. Bullet points “what does it do, how does it work and what is the benefit of what it does and how it works.
  15. Draw the reader in with hypnotic selling stories
  16. Use common language and colloquialisms
  17. I = B + C: Interest equals benefit plus curiosity
  18. Buy one get one free
  19. Avoid making them feel: “why should I care?”
  20. Use numbers. “30 ways to make your copywriting more hypnotic” 5 new hypnotic copywriting concepts
  21. Good copywriting is salesmanship in print
  22. The reason why I need it? The reason why you’re the best one to give it to me? And the reason why I should by now?
  23. Brain dead offers.
  24. Use “Because” in your writing.

How to hypnoticize an email:

Subject Line: under 4 words. Crazy. Emotion. Number.

Hi firstname,

The best formula we’ve found is to identify a problem, then include a “call to action” hyperlink. You follow that with an editorial about your solution, in two sections, solution and detail.

Example: When it comes to creating e-mails, many people struggle with how exactly to put a powerful hypnotic e-mails together.

Solution: In our next one-hour webinar you will learn five new hypnotic concepts as well as 30 tried and tested concepts that have earned well over 45,000 sales.

Detail: You may not realize it yet but when you register you’ll not only learn how to capture attention and interest on behalf of the reader but get most people to do your bidding.



P.S. (Powerful Statement) Choice statement.

“You know Charlie you really don’t have to do this today but think about this: Five minutes from now when you get busy, you may forget about it, so register before you do.”

This offers the appearance of giving them a choice, while instead it is further hypnotizing them and pushing the sale.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be hypnotizing your audience on your landing pages in no time.

Training Your Team In State-Of-The-Art Online Marketing Strategies Is Now A Gov’t Priority

Correct me if I’m way off base here but aren’t most businesses constantly looking for exciting new ways to market and create sales? That is one of main purposes of business, isn’t it? To sell more of something?


Here’s the problem: if you’re looking scale up and make more money, you may not have the capital handy to reinvest in online marketing strategies for your businesses’ development. And for that you’ll need a solution.


Now… what if I told you that I could help your team learn cutting edge online marketing strategies and you wouldn’t have to pay for it?


You might not know this, but the government is looking to invest in training your employees. If you want to expand your business, or enhance the skills of your current staff, we can provide you a way of improving the ROI on your marketing efforts without increasing your ad budget.


Sounds too good to be true?


Not really… and here’s why…


Training Business Pros has recently become the only digital marketing training company approved for the new Canada-Ontario Job Grant. As long as you are in a company with 2 or more Ontario-based employees, the government will pay up to $10,000 per trainee to take our state-of-the-art sales and marketing courses and learn how to help you grow your business.


That’s why we introduced our new Digital Marketing and Sales Certification (DMS). This course will teach you or your employee essential online marketing strategies including: how to use interactive channels to market your product or service, increase traffic to your site, data mine, build a community or “tribe” around your brand, and convert more leads into sales.


You will save money on advertising by investing in more effective methods, stop spending money outsourcing your marketing efforts and use in-house online marketing strategies to attract new, highly-targeted leads.


So if you’re looking to expand your business, take advantage of this incredible opportunity today.  It’ll go a long way to helping you develop your team’s skills and start growing your business.


And the best news of all is: my team will actually walk you through the grant approval process! Our grant approval rate is exceptionally high.  So you have a really great shot at giving your business the boost it needs in 2015.


To learn more and find out if you qualify push here now.