Essential Lead Source Tracking Using Infusionsoft

The Lead source tool inside Infusionsoft could be an amazing addition to your digital marketing arsenal, but it can also be a bit of a mystery.  There seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to how it actually works and what it actually does. In this article we’ll focus on the most logical steps that you need to take in order to capitalize on lead source tracking so that you can know exactly which of your marketing efforts are paying off. Where Is the lead source tool exactly? Before Read more [...]
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How Do You Know That You Are Really Working With Infusionsoft Specialists?

Infusionsoft Experts In today’s highly competitive world of digital marketing, it becomes incumbent upon each and every company to do their due diligence when it comes to choosing a marketing agency for their digital marketing and especially for Infusionsoft. For example: if you or anyone in your company is NOT an expert in digital marketing, how would you know that you are working with people who are experts? While digital marketing is super important in today’s competitive marketplace, Infusionsoft is a Read more [...]
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What To Blog About For More Traffic, Betters Leads and Greater Sales

What to Blog About 7 Key Steps to Ensure That You're Not Wasting Your Blogging Time One topic of concern regarding digital marketing that always comes up when dealing with our clients is the topic of blogging. Many clients want to know what a successful blogging strategy looks like, what to blog about and is it possible when I learn what to blog about to make money. If you want to see the details of how this article was put together, and the topic of “what to blog about” can be accessed via recorded webinar Read more [...]
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Infusionsoft Hack #2. Using the HTTP Post

There are a lot of things Infusionsoft does that most of us will probably never know how to do/us or what have you. But I think that the most likely to baffle most none coders is the HTTP post element of the campaign builder. So what does it actually do? Well, an HTTP POST is an internet protocol that transfers information from one place to another in a secure form. Well how is that useful in any way shape or form? For most people, it probably isn't. Yeah... so helpful. But! You can accomplish Read more [...]
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Infusionsoft Hacks!

Hey there! I'm starting a new segment of the Training Business Pros blog called Infusionsoft Hacks. Essentially it will be about the cool things you can do with Infusionsoft that go beyond the default functionality of the product, or something that just may take you a while to figure out on your own. I've been working with Infusionsoft for a year, and have found myself in some pretty sticky situations when it comes to creating automation on the cheap or in a short amount of time. Whether it's Read more [...]
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How To Style Infusionsoft Web Forms Part 2 – Check Out This Awesome Shortcut

I recently wrote a blog post about how to style Infusionsoft forms with html so you could replace the ugly JavaScript snippet with good looking html code. However the overarching comments and feedback that we received is that people and business owners could not take the time to go and learn the skills they needed in order to do it themselves. Time is money, and you don’t necessarily have the time to learn CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. But obviously sticking with the ugly regular non-responsive Read more [...]
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My Mastermind Experience – From the Lens of an Infusionsoft Newbie.

We had the honour of hosting Infusionsoft’s #1 sales representative (4 years in a row), Cory Snyder. Training Business Pros sponsored the first Infusionsoft Mastermind event held in Canada this past June. As the newest member of the team, I am the Digital Marketing Assistant at Training Business Pros. It was quite unnerving to be invited to an Infusionsoft Mastermind. With only 5 weeks under my belt, I walked into our livestream studio with twenty six eager Infusionsoft Certified Professionals Read more [...]
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How To Style an Infusionsoft Web Form Part 1

Infusionsoft is a wonderfully epic marketing tool that over 30,000 small and medium sized businesses use to keep track of their customers, automate their marketing, automate their sales pipeline, wow customers with automated fulfillment, handle eCommerce and more. The majority of Infusionsoft’s core strength comes from being able to capture customer information with an Infusionsoft web form, which even when choosing "advanced styling" look more or less like this. Pretty ugly... right? The Read more [...]
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How To Automate The Registration Process For A Series Of Live Paid Events

If you’ve ever put together a live event, seminar, webinar, conference, tradeshow or event dinner presentation, you probably already know how much work is involved in promoting it and getting people to register.  And, if you do this for multiple events a year it can be incredibly taxing on your human resources not to mention your own sanity. As someone who’s be producing live events for decades; first for the music industry and then business to business seminars and conferences, I know Read more [...]
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Where are the TOP 10 Parties, People and Profits at ICON16?

Your guide to where you need to be for Infusionsoft Conference 2016 The ICON conference hosts a jam packed schedule of seminars, training, eating, networking and partying with tons of choices at your disposal.  What parties should you go to? What seminars and training should you invest your time in? Where is your ROI? Keep reading... ICON16 is for 4 basic types of people: Business Owners / Sales driven people Infusionsoft Users (who want more product training) Marketing Professionals Read more [...]
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