Marketing Yourself As a Public Speaking Coach

Ethan Asks:

What do you do that is effective at bringing in clients for your services?

As a public speaking coach, we are selling a service that many people do not believe they need. They can speak without our help (although not as well!).

I struggle to find effective ways to help people see the value I can add to their skills. I would love to know what you have found that works.

Paul Tobey Answers:

It occurs to me to perhaps put this out there:

If you are looking for one client at a time, that is a difficult and slow way to increase revenue. It can take a really long time to grow your business.

However, for a speaker/trainer, there are multiple ways to generate revenue, so the question is , what does your sales funnel look like? Do you generate revenue from live events, webinars, product sales, multiple trainings, trade-shows, conferences, speaking opportunities, affiliate marketing, internet sales and so on?

When it comes time to convert prospect into sales, are you touching the hot triggers?

For example:

Are you clearly defining the benefits of your coaching?

*What will they learn? (list 3 or 4 bullet points)

*Who is the coaching for? (tell them who this is for: ceo’s, authors, executives, speakers, etc)

* What massive results will they get as a result of your coaching? i.e.: Will it help them gain more respect? Authority? Is it an image issue? Will they close more prospects? Will they lead better? Will they be more inspiring? More enrolling? More engaging?

*Will a coach help them lose their fear of public speaking?

*What is your guarantee?

*Do you have previous testimonials?

Remember, it’s not WHAT you sell, it’s how you sell it. It’s all part of the conversion process.

If they are already great speakers, can you make them reach for the extra 2 millimeters that will make them OUTSTANDING? It’s your job to make them want to reach that extra 2 millimeters….and if you are an outstanding coach, that is part of the conversion process.

I’ve had great coaches, and they always pushed me to reach for the extra 2 millimeters, and I paid for that information and coaching/mentoring because they had proof they could give me valuable information that will help me grow as a person. Their job was to get me ready to be in the service of others. Brian Klemmer, Larry Gilman, T. Harv Ecker, etc…

Paul Tobey is CEO of Training Business Pros, a North American Leader of high level business training and advanced digital marketing implementation services. Paul is considered by many to be the leading internet marketer in the country and has helped over 30,000 people learn personal and professional skills to enhance their careers and lives. He is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and has 22 Certified Consultants, across Canada and the USA, who help established businesses adopt proven digital marketing solutions and advanced CRM automation. Read More about Paul and his team.

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