How to choose Targeted Keyword Phrases

Keyword PhraseWhen it comes to choosing targeted keyword phrases for your website it’s not always obvious to people how to go about that. So in this article I like to focus on the right kind of software to use how quickly you could employ it and what are some of the parameters that you used to choose the best keyword phrases.

For my money in the marketplace there is no better software to do this than market samurai. It is a simple program that you downloaded and installed from the company it costs very little and it allows you to quickly choose keyword phrases that you can think of and a whole bunch of keyword phrases that you can’t think of and do analysis on those keyword phrases making it easy for you to find the best ones to get on the front page of Google which is the overall goal.

  1. The first step in choosing keyword phrases is to pick the best one that targets what you wanted explain and then generating keywords to find a list of at least 100 alternatives sometimes the one that you have in your head is not always the best one.
  2. The next thing you would do is a type of competition analysis which takes out to certain keyword phrases which are not viable for example; things like phrase to broad which basically means is good keyword phrase in the right order or not also you would also want to keyword phrases that don’t have more than 1 million competitors. Sometimes when you play in a market that has 27 million competitors becomes that much harder for you find and rank in the top 10.
  3. I could go on and on but most people in the room can eventually get the idea that in 4 min. or less or 5 min. or less I can create as much content as I want the software rarely makes mistakes because you train it before you start takes about 5 to 10 min. to train it and it just saves you a ton of time.


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