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Most Internet Marketers Know That Article Marketing Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Build Back Links Here’s How.

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Learning how to back links to your website is as easy as understanding the benefits of article marketing. This article focuses on exactly how to do that.

When it comes to back link strategies everyone wants to know the answer, in my experience it’s all about article marketing read this article to learn more.

Take a minute out of your day write a very powerful article but then learn how to link it to your website so that you can gain back link power.

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One of the biggest problems that I see today is that even if website owners know that is important to get back links to their websites so that Google can rank them higher in search engines, they don’t always know the most effective way to do this.

I’ve always believed for at least the past five years that article marketing is one of the most effective ways to build back links. The problem is, the way most people go about it is that article by article an article site by article site they post things haphazardly randomly and this a fact is far less powerful than if you knew how to leverage a very powerful article marketing strategy.

Here are the top five things that you will need to know to benefit from article marketing;

  1. make sure that when you write an article is of high value, uses only text and does not sell anything. The number one reason to write an article is to help people understand that you are a trusted, credible source for information. You cannot earn this trust if you are constantly selling your products and services to other people. Simply write how-to articles that help people solve the problem or get better direction in their business or in their life.
  2. Do not post articles one by one on article sites. This takes way too much time make sure you use article aggregators like article Post robot so that you can save time. The great thing about these aggregators is that with a single click of a button you could literally post to well over 100 article sites get up and walk away and come back six months later and now you’ve created several thousand back links to your website.
  3. The number one issue that you will have with article marketing is something known as duplicate content. Google does not like the fact that you are posting a single article on multiple websites. It only really counts the first article, therefore you must understand the article writing formula that gets Google to not see it as duplicate content. The best way to do this is to use an article marketing aggregator which spins the article with multiple titles multiple subtitles and multiple bios so that Google does not see as duplicate content.
  4. The next common mistake that people make is they forget to understand the way that Google works in terms of how it sees a back link. Understanding and knowing the formula for writing anchor text is the most powerful thing that you could do to back link to your website in each of your bios for the articles that you write make sure you include at least two anchor text back links to different webpages using different keyword phrases.
  5. In order to leverage your time and get measurable marketing result try not to overwhelm yourself I signing up with multiple article cites the very first time. You got plenty of time to do this so take your first article and post it to only five new article sites. Remember, you will have to register for each of these article sites before you are able to post articles. So don’t overwhelm yourself quite registering for 50 different article sites otherwise you just to take yourself right out of the game by saying this is just way too much work. Let go let it happen.

I highly encourage you to explore further the article marketing formulas which will help you gain notoriety for your website and an endorsement from the largest search engine on the planet namely Google. There are of course other elements to learn when it comes to article marketing and I wish you the best in finding out what they are and implementing them.

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